Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on January 8, 2020




CRD Board Highlights: January 8, 2020

CRD Board Highlights provides a brief summary of items from each monthly regional Board meeting. The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items. Please refer to the CRD website for the full agenda, minutes and webcast.


Notice of Motion – Gas Tax Funds
The CRD Board approved a recommendation from the Electoral Areas Committee that a resolution be submitted to the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for their consideration. The resolution states that Gas Tax funds should not be considered stacking when used in conjunction with other Federal or Provincial grants, and that Municipalities and Electoral Areas be permitted to use their Gas Tax funds when contributing to programs that utilize Federal and Provincial Grants.



Alternative Approval Process Results for Salt Spring Island Community Safety Service Establishment
The Board received the Certificate of Results and decided no further action be taken on elector assent or adoption for Bylaw No. 4325 at this time. Elector assent by way of an alternative approval process was required in order to establish a new service for community safety on Salt Spring Island with the adoption of Bylaw No. 4325, “Salt Spring Island Community Safety Service Establishing Bylaw No. 1, 2019”. At the close of the deadline date of December 9, 2019 for receipt of elector responses, it was determined that 1850 elector response forms had been accepted. As this represents more than 10% of registered voters, elector approval by alternative approval process has not been obtained.

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CAO Quarterly Progress Report No. 4 - 2019
As part of staff’s commitment to enhanced quarterly reporting to the Board, the CAO Quarterly Progress Report provides an update on Corporate Activities and Initiatives, progress made on the 2019-2022 Board and Corporate Priorities, Corporate Climate Action Initiatives, Capital Project Variances, and Human Resource Trends across the organization.
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Municipal Finance Authority Security Issuing Bylaws for Spring 2020
The CRD is empowered to borrow from the Municipal Finance Authority for capital projects and all municipal borrowings through a security issuing bylaw. The CRD Board approved three bylaws, permitting participation in the MFA 2020 Spring loan issuance. Two bylaws support CRD borrowings for Capital projects, and one bylaw supports borrowing on behalf of and paid for by the Town of Sidney.
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The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2020


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