Highlights from the CRD Board meetings on May 27 & June 10, 2020




CRD Board Highlights: June 10, 2020

CRD Board Highlights provides a brief summary of items from each monthly regional Board meeting. The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items. Please refer to the CRD website for the full agenda, minutes and webcast.


Environmental Resource Management – 2019 Progress Report
The Board received the Environmental Resource Management 2019 Progress report, which presents a summary of 2019 activities, results and accomplishments of the CRD’s solid waste services. The report contains updates on solid waste programs, operations, capital projects, environmental monitoring and other activities.

Staff Report | ERM 2019 Progress Report | Webcast


Response to Notice of Motion: Mountain Biking Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference
The Board approved Terms of Reference for an advisory committee to inform the development of Mountain Biking Guidelines for CRD Regional Parks. A Notice of Motion was brought forward in 2019 and the Board approved $40,000 in funding support for the initiative. The Terms of Reference identifies the structure, function and timelines for the advisory committee. Recruitment of advisory committee members is now underway.

Staff Report | Terms of Reference | Website | Webcast


COVID-19 Additional Reaching Home Funding Update
The Board received an update on allocations of $1.3 million in additional funding from Reaching Home – the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Strategy, to support the region’s COVID-19 response capacity for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Staff Report | Appendices | Website | Media Release | Webcast


Mount Work Regional Park Management Planning
Identified as a priority park for management planning, the Board directed CRD Regional Parks to begin a two-year management planning process for Mount Work Regional Park. The completed plan will provide strategic direction for the effective management of Mount Work over the next 15 to 20 years by addressing environmental protection, recreational opportunities, cultural heritage management and park development.

Staff Report | Appendices | Website | Webcast


Capital Region Housing Corporation Annual General Meeting
The Board received the CRHC 2019 Annual Report, which provides an overview of the CRHC’s affordable housing developments and properties, tenant relations, capital improvements and financial highlights from 2019.

Staff Report | Appendices | CRHC 2019 Annual Report | Website | Webcast


CRD’s response to COVID-19
The CRD Board Chair has requested that moving forward, CRD Committees and Commissions may meet in-person to consider business provided all physical distancing requirements and Public Health Orders are met. The CRD Board will meet next on June 24, and will resume a regular schedule of Standing Committee meetings and monthly Board meetings in July. Click here for an updated meeting calendar. 


The CRD Board Procedures Bylaw was recently amended to permit electronic participation in meetings. In order to ensure physical distancing and in keeping with recent directives from the Province of BC, the public is no longer able to attend CRD Board meetings in-person, however written submissions are being encouraged, and phone-in delegations will be accepted.


In response to the Ministerial order, we are updating our process for public notices and hearings for land use applications. For more information, please contact the JDF Office here. Read the Provincial news release here.


To learn more about how to write to & address the CRD Board, as well as information on appearing as a phone-in delegation at a Board or Committee meeting, click here


To find out if the committee/commission you are interested in has an upcoming meeting, click here for agendas.


For more information on the CRD’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.crd.bc.ca/covid


The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020


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