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News and Events | Issue 3, 2019


Proteins open up a new research frontier

Genetics gets all the attention, but UBC researchers at the Proteomics Core Facility are all about the potential of protein analysis—from breeding better bees to helping solve crimes.





Peculiar organism found in corals

Scientists have discovered an organism, found in 70 per cent of corals around the world, that can produce chlorophyll but doesn’t engage in photosynthesis. Research into the organism might aid coral conservation.




Step aside Johnny Mnemonic 

“We have this image of a hacker in a dark room eating Cheetos. The reality is computer science is highly collaborative, and that collaboration propels people and ideas,” says computer scientist Margo Seltzer.






Birdies at the Garden

UBC’s Botanical Garden is hosting bird tours and bird identification workshops in May. Break out the binoculars!

May, 2019





Way Cool 100

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s Way Cool Biodiversity Series reaches a milestone: 100 lectures since 2011. 

June 2, 2019





Roundtable on memory

A cross-disciplinary panel of UBC scholars discusses how, why and when memory matters.

June 6, 2019




Teacher and students



Free guide to improve STEM teaching at universities

The Science Education Initiative Handbook is a free guide designed to help universities make their STEM classes more engaging and effective. It details the SEI model pioneered at UBC and the University of Colorado Boulder over the past decade.  



Jacquie Armstrong




From curling to coding

Coder and curler Jacquie Armstrong (BSc 1999) discusses what athletics taught her about business and shares advice for women who want to own the house in computer science.  




  • Four UBC computer scientists have been appointed to chairs as part of an expansion of the Canada-CIFAR AI research program.
  • Helina Jolly, a PhD student at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability is the recipient of a National Geographic Young Explorers Award.
  • Fisheries expert Rashid Sumaila has received the Murray A Newman Research Award for his contributions to oceans research.
  • Catherine Koverola (BSc 1981) has been named president of the University of Pittsburgh’s Bradford and Titusville campuses.
  • Shawna Narayan (BSc 2018) is one of Surrey’s 2019 Top 25 Under 25 for her business- and community-minded contributions to mentorship in STEM.





Rare, blue gems from the Canadian Arctic

Mineralogists have published the first scientific study of cobalt-blue spinel in Canada, a gem which can sell for ten times the price of a sapphire. Spinel formed 1.8 billion years ago on Baffin Island.




Photo contest winner

Congratulations to the winner of February’s Instagram contest! The $100 prize pack goes to user dr.luquini.reumato with this picture of a little boy admiring George, the Lambeosaurus at UBC's Pacific Museum of Earth. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.



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