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News and Events | Issue 1, 2020


Visualizing urban biodiversity

A prototype of an online tool designed by UBC students could help Vancouver city planners get a better snapshot of the region’s biodiversity and maintain healthy ecosystems. 





Tracking BC’s vanishing glaciers

Western Canada’s glaciers are retreating quickly in the face of climate change, putting BC’s water supply, agricultural output and power production at risk. Meet UBC geophysicist Valentina Radic, glacier hunter.




Zooming in on whales 

UBC researchers are using aerial drones to understand the behaviour of killer whales. Knowing how whales hunt, forage and where they find their food could aid in their conservation.




Dragonflies Are Way Cool
Head to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum to learn about dragonflies and their importance as climate change indicators. 
Feb 2




Visualization Analysis and Design
Join 2019 Test of Time Award winner Tamara Munzner as she discusses the design of visualization systems.
Feb 27




UBC Alumni Book Club
Is your New Year’s resolution to read more books? Join UBC’s online book club. A new title is selected every two months. 





New clues in a cosmic mystery 

Astronomers have pinpointed the location of a repeating fast radio burst first detected by BC’s CHIME telescope in 2018. It's only the second time scientists have determined the precise location of the mysterious radio waves from space.





Avoiding a deep impact

Astrophysicist and UBC alumnus (BSc '00, MSc '01, PhD '04) Jason Kalirai talks about his work overseeing NASA projects–including a planetary defense mission to deflect asteroids. Yes, it sounds like a movie. 







Developing eco-friendly clothing

Fast fashion is associated with a host of environmental issues. But the industry is changing and collaborations with scientists could be fabulous for our wardrobe and for our planet.



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