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Leveraging the power of translational research


NEW OPPORTUNITY: MI4 Seed Fund Grants – Round 2 launched!


Earlier this week, MI4 launched Round 2 of the MI4 Seed Fund Grant (SFG) program. The SFG program aims to establish new, interdisciplinary translational research teams across multiple McGill sites to seed new and innovative research. Up to five grants will be awarded in Round 2, each with a maximum budget of $150,000 over an 18-month grant period. The deadline for submissions is November 17, 2019 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. We look forward to receiving your ideas! Click here to access the MI4 SFG Request for Proposals >>>



MI4 Pediatric Seed Fund Grant:  Deadline is Sept 30th


A reminder that the application deadline for the MI4 Pediatric Seed Fund Grant is quickly approaching on Monday, September 30th at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Co-supported by the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the CHU Ste-Justine Foundation, this new initiative fosters the establishment of new, inter-institutional translational research teams linking pediatric investigators at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) and the CHU Ste Justine (CHUSJ).  Apply now >>>





Save the Date: MI4 Fall Strategic Forum on November 15th


On Friday, November 15th, 2019, MI4 will host the 3rd annual MI4 Fall Strategic Forum: a half-day event bringing together MI4 researchers to help guide the future development of various MI4 activities. The event will include a presentation on the MI4 Business Plan, discussion on developing an MI4 training program, breakout sessions and more. By invitation only. Stay tuned!



Co-Funding Available for Grant Applications or Meetings


MI4 is eager to support investigators from all sites within the McGill community with Co-Funding Support for Grant Applications and Co-Funding Support for Meetings. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and must be within the scope of one of the four MI4 themes. A few examples of meetings taking place this fall semester that are receiving MI4 co-funding support include: Quebec Microbiome Research Symposium, Montreal Neuroinflammation Symposium, and the Chemistry and Immunology Symposium (part of the 2019 International Drug Discovery and Development Forum).  Apply Now >>>




Join the MI4 community: Add your Profile to the MI4 website!


If you are an investigator from the McGill community and would like to be listed as one of Our Researchers on the MI4 website, please take a moment to fill out this form.





MI4 Gnotobiotic Animal Research Platform has launched


We are pleased to announce that the launch phase for the MI4 Gnotobiotic Animal Research Platform is underway! Based at the RI-MUHC Glen Site, the MI4 Gnotobiotic Animal Research Platform will provide infrastructure, experimental consultation and training for investigators in the McGill community interested in performing germ-free or gnotobiotic animal studies. Congratulations to Dr. Irah King, Director of the MI4 Gnotobiotic Animal Research Platform, for all of his hard work to date.


We carry almost two kilograms of microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses collectively referred to as microbiota) in and on our bodies that have potent effects on diseases ranging from diabetes and cancer to neurodegeneration. To understand the function of these complex microbial communities, the use of small animals, such as mice, raised under germ-free conditions (i.e. devoid of all microorganisms) offers a blank canvas onto which known communities of microbes (i.e. gnotobiotic) may be "painted” and studied. 


MI4 looks forward to collaborating with Dr. King in the months and years ahead, including via provision of $1 million in funding support over four years. Through its Platforms initiative, MI4 is developing and supporting innovative, open access technological platforms staffed with highly trained personnel which provide support for infection and immunity research across the McGill community.


Interested parties please contact Dr. Irah King at




MI4 @ Homecoming 2019


Catch MI4 at any of the following McGill Homecoming Weekend events in this month:




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