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The Building Blocks for Tissue Engineering: New Study Shows an Automated and Rapid Method to Assemble Cell Spheroids


A new study published in Small is the result of research conducted by Reza Rasouli, a PhD Student in Biological & Biomedical Engineering, under the supervision of Prof. Maryam Tabrizian. The research focuses on acoustic formation of cell spheroids, a type of three-dimensional cell modeling that better simulate a live cell's environmental conditions compared to a two-dimensional cell model. The findings have broad implications for tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting. We asked Reza to explain his research, how it was conducted, and its implications for the future. Read more.



Supporting Life-Changing Ideas through the McGill Clinical Innovation Competition: Strong Results from Biomedical Engineering & The MedTech Talent Accelerator


The McGill Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC), run by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, was created to encourage and support creative innovations, processes, therapies, diagnostics and devices that hold the promise to effect meaningful and lasting changes to patient care. The 4th edition of CLIC was held in Summer 2021, and McGill BME was well represented in terms of accolades. LFAnt Medical and Remote Optical, two startup companies participating in the MedTech Talent Accelerator (NSERC-CREATE program co-led by Ryerson University and McGill BME), respectively won first-place for the MI4 Innovation Prize and first-place for the Marika Zelenka Roy Innovation Prize. Sensoreal, a spin-off from the Juncker lab founded by Roozbeh Safavieh in 2011, won second-place for the MI4 Innovation Prize. Read more.


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(McGill Lower Field, October 2021)



Student Profile: Nikita Kalashnikov, MD-PhD Student, Gr. Cert. '21 Alumnus, Translational BME


After graduating from the Graduate Certificate in Translational Biomedical Engineering program in Winter 2021, Nik Kalashnikov was accepted into McGill’s MD-PhD program where he aims to pursue translational research in biomaterials and tissue engineering. He hopes to, one day, use insights gained from his research in his future clinical practice. We asked Nik a few questions about his student experience in Biomedical Engineering, and how he hopes to translate his skills and knowledge to the clinic. Read More.



Uncovering the Relationship Between Lifestyle, Personality and Brain Structure with Machine Learning: Danilo Bzdok Continues his Groundbreaking Research


Danilo Bzdok, Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, is a researcher at The Neuro and the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute who uses machine learning to identify patterns in human neurological and psychological data. One of his team’s recent studies analyzed personality profiles, demographic status and social lifestyle from a cohort of 40,000 UK Biobank middle aged participants. Their research focused on how these factors are related to each other and to brain structure. Read more.



Tribune Explains McGill’s New COVID-19 Initiatives: David Juncker Shares his Thoughts with a Student-Run Newspaper


In a university-wide email sent out Oct. 7, McGill announced four new COVID-19 initiatives to help track and curtail the spread of COVID-19 on campus. The protocols, which are being implemented throughout October, include measuring CO2 levels to assess the efficiency of ventilation systems; testing wastewater in student residence buildings; distributing thermometers to those in residence; and establishing a new COVID-19 dashboard to distribute weekly updated data. David Juncker, Professor & Chair of BME, shared his thoughts with the McGill Tribune. Read more.




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