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We all look forward to the summer: warmer weather, longer days, fewer stresses and sunshine! But what if you spent some time during this cold and rainy spring to “Get on board with Blackboard” for the fall semester?  Or maybe you want ‘level-up’ your Blackboard skills? We’ve got you covered, check out the following suggestions that can help you with course development. A few tips that can save you time and a few trees!! 


1. Time-stamped assignments that don’t clog your Inbox?

Yes, Blackboard can do that! To get started, try having students upload some or one of their assignments online using any one of the following:  assignment, journal, wiki or blog. All submitted work is time-stamped and your email inbox won’t be clogged by your students. And to boot, no need to print assignments with in-line grading!


Want some help to set this up?

Give us an email: bbfaculty@georgebrown.ca (Include the CRN, your First Name, Last Name and Employee ID) or a call at 416-415-5000 ext 4320. 


2. Do it when no one is looking!

Semester start-ups can sneak up on us! But before you head out to the cottage consider doing a dry run for your course in Blackboard. If you are interested in starting to incorporate some online elements in the fall and want to practice using Blackboard, now is the perfect time!


Here’s what you need to do:

If you are teaching a course and would like to develop it in your own personal “sandbox” or would like to practice using Blackboard you can send an email to the Helpdesk and request a development shell.

Please include the following information your request email. 


3. Know your audience!

To plan an effective course, it is important to consider who our students are, taking into account: prior knowledge, intellectual development, cultural background, generational experiences and expectations



Create a short diagnostic survey using the test tool in Blackboard. You will be able to ask the information you want to receive during the first few weeks of class. Bonus! The test function is compatible with the BB Student Mobile app. Students can easily access this with their smartphone! 


4. Variety is the spice of life!

Many instructional strategies are flexible, and can be used in service of several learning objectives, but some are better suited for a particular set of objectives. In most cases, we will need to use a combination of instructional strategies.


Give this a try:

Try the Groups tool in Blackboard to offer instructional variation. Groups can be system generated, students can self-enroll or you can assign groups yourself. Each group has their own space equipped with tools to assist in collaboration. You can also create group assignments with the assignment tool.






eLTI Recruiting: Fall Semester Pilot


We are seeking professors for a polling software pilot and an online e-textbook creation pilot. Bonus- Both options integrate with Blackboard!


You will love creating e-Textbooks if you write a lot of original curriculum for your class, create your own course packs, or write your own textbooks and manuals. You will have the opportunity to create an original interactive textbook/course pack, with professional authoring guidance.


Please contact Lori Nave for more details.






Tech Tips


Digi Know

  • If you have developed a course in Blackboard and would like to reuse the content for a future class you are going to be teaching, please refer to the following directions in the link provided for copying the course





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