The First MHW Newsletter! Learn about events, resources and strategies related to Mental Health.



May 6, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of MHW News! 


Dedicated to the My Healthy Workplace mission of fostering a healthy working and learning environment at McGill, this newsletter will provide a platform for McGill staff to share and learn about resources and initiatives - like those coming from the MHW Learning Communities - that contribute to healthy workplace values, such as continuous learning and well-being, in concrete ways throughout our work community.


In May, the My Healthy Workplace Spotlight is on Mental Health & Wellness in recognition of Canadian Mental Health Week this week. Our workplace practices have a powerful impact on our personal and collective well-being and our sense of belonging and contribution. Psychological safety in the workplace enables us to learn effectively together, to manage life’s changes with resilience, and to take healthy risks that make our community more strong and agile. Mental Health really is everyone’s business. According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 mental health problems will be the leading cause of disability in Canada, and the second leading cause in the world.  


Read more here about how to get involved to make a difference in this and other workplace wellness topics.





Mental Health Week at McGill 


This year's Mental Health Week at McGill features thirteen events to raise awareness about mental health and provide employees knowledge and tools to support their own and their colleagues’ mental health. For the events calendar, click here.


You may also want to take the opportunity to initiate activities supporting mental health in your area; this might include a walk with colleagues around campus, a team potluck, a solo hike up the mountain at lunchtime, or a tea break with a colleague.


And then share what you did! We would love to see how you are supporting mental health in your area. Feel free to send your photos or stories.



16 Strategies to Help You Thrive

By trying one of these 16 strategies
 each day this week and reflecting on how they impact your mood and sense of well-being, you can identify which ones make the most difference for you.



Lana Kobeici

Healthy Workplace Highlight

This month, we feature Lana Kobeici, Senior Administrative Coordinator in Microbiology and Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill. Lana is a member of the My Healthy Workplace Working Group and started a meditation group for colleagues every week at lunch time. Read more to discover Lana's tips to promote mental health, and what she does to turn around a day when she is feeling rundown. 




Get Involved


Are you interested in getting involved in MHW? If co-creating a healthy and dynamic learning and work environment matters to you, check out the Get Involved page on the My Healthy Workplace website and contact us to find the role where you can make the most difference. 
Do you want to be a MHW Ambassador? Healthy Workplace Ambassadors are staff volunteers who are passionate about the MHW initiative and inform their colleagues about McGill’s wellness programs and resources. To get involved send us an email

Ross McDonald, Sara Charbonneau and Kally Walsh

A Collaborative Approach to Employee Health & Well-being


Across HR and throughout the University, new collaborations support improvements in employee well-being. Read more about one of the teams working to support you.


Go Green for Mental Health


Bright green ribbons created by the Canadian Mental Health Association will be distributed at events throughout Mental Health Week. We encourage participants to wear them to increase mental health awareness at McGill. 



The Benefits team in Human Resources is developing a growing list of tips and resources available to you to support your overall well-being, including mental health resources, tools and strategies. Read more

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