Our December MHW Newsletter. Learn about the benefits of Giving, the gift of inspirational stories, and more.



December 2019


The holiday season ushers in time for family and friends, and brings with it gifts of all types, shapes and sizes. My Healthy Workplace celebrates Giving this month and invites you to enjoy the many gifts abound. Gift yourself with "Me Time" amidst celebrations with friends, family and colleagues. Learn how service excellence can be a true gift in our workplace. Take the altruism assessment, and engage with your colleagues in the December giving challenge. Finally, learn about how one MHW Ambassador gives her time to support wellness and engagement in her office.


Warmest wishes to you and your family for a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!



Share a Story


My Healthy Workplace is looking for LIGHTEN UP Stories to share in future MHW newsletters. Give others a glimpse of positivity in your everyday life and share a smile through a short story. Click here to read a positively powerful story. 



What are Your Helping Habits?


Are you curious to know where you stand in terms of your helping habits? Take this assessment and learn about the benefits of altruism and receive resources for ways in which you can boost your helping


Upcoming MHW Events


Private Tour of the McGill Redpath Museum
December 12th, 2019 (12:00-1:00)

Spotlight - MHW Ambassador 

Anna Jean Pollack, Administrative Coordinator in Chemical Engineering, is an inspirational My Healthy Workplace Ambassador. Anna shares her progress, what this role means to her and how giving time to something that is meaningful for her has impacted her own wellness and contributed towards a healthier workplace in her department. Click here to read more.



December Giving Challenge


When we think of giving, we often think of sharing material objects with someone. However, giving can be so much more than that. Giving can also be about carrying out acts of kindness, small or large such as organizing a food drive, offering to help someone carry their stroller down the stairs or giving blood. Giving with words, time and resources adds to our sense of purpose, connection and well-being. Kindness is contagious, so let’s make an impact together this holiday season! Click here to learn more about this month's challenge.



Give Time to Yourself Over the Holidays


The holidays, although special for many, can also be a time of emotional and financial stress. There can be pressure to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Read how Your Health Can Be Affected by the Holiday Rush to understand the importance of self-care, especially during the holidays. This article provides practical tips for reducing holiday stress such as being selective about holiday activities, managing expectations and staying active. Try some of the tools from McGill's Health and Well-Being program 7-day happiness challenge to help you focus and remember to give to yourself as well over the holiday season!  




Giving is Good for You!


Research confirms that helping others can dramatically increase our own sense of wellbeing and belonging. Being aware of our own acts of kindness elevates our sense of satisfaction and self-esteem, making benefits long-lasting. Click here to read more.




McGill Athletics & Recreation Staff and Students Giving Collaboratively

McGill Athletics & Recreation staff have come together this holiday season to support the McGill Martlet hockey team in a cause that is close to their heart. On November 30th, the team dedicated their game to the “Shoebox Project” which fills shoe boxes with gifts for women experiencing homelessness for the holiday season. They filled 66 boxes for those in need. Click here to read more 


Giving Excellent Client Service


Have you ever thought about your colleagues as your clients? Have you ever thought about how Client Service is linked to a Healthy Workplace? My Service-Oriented Workplace Learning Community is investigating! Click here to learn more.


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