Our Third MHW Newsletter! Learn about events, resources and strategies related to Mindfulness.




August 2019



My Healthy Workplace's monthly theme for August is Mindfulness.  And what better time to commit to living in the present than NOW.


In this issue, discover what’s most foundational to McGill as it strives to become a true learning organization. You’ll learn about Google’s key team ingredient, Psychological Safety, and tap into a myriad of articles, tips and tools that will support you in creating a conscious work culture at McGill, where continuous learning and innovation are the norm. Take on a mindfulness monthly challenge, and take a quiz that can help you tailor a mindful plan – just for youLearn ways of managing your most prized resource – your Energy.  And why not apply mindfulness in the use of other natural resources such as paper, with the sound guidance provided by McGill's My Sustainable Workplace Learning Community.


Join us for meditation or yoga, or a session to learn about how mindfulness can reduce stress, improve wellness, and can be part of your workplace.   


Wishing you all a mindful and restful summer.



Be Mindful of the Power of Psychological Safety


Big dots connected for our My Healthy Workplace team when we discovered Harvard Business School Professor, Amy Edmonson's, research on “Psychological Safety in the Workplace”. For learning and risk taking to take place, employees needed to feel safe, supported and valued – not just by supervisors but also by each other.


Click here to read more.



Health and Well-Being Resources

Discover the re-vamped section for The Health and Well-Being Program, on the Benefits website to learn more about Mindfulness,The monthly My Healthy Workplace theme for August! 



Time or Energy: The Gift is the Present


In our bustling workplace, some define stress as “too much to do and too little time”.  But if we had more time, would we really have the energy to engage with the seemingly endless tasks at hand?  Managing our time should really be about managing our Energy.  Happiness and high performance increase when we make energy the focus.


Of course energy can be boosted by a healthy diet, exercise and proper rest. More subtle energy boosters and sappers have their source in our thoughts and our environments.  Boosting our Energy levels can have the biggest impact on our sense of agency and “control over time”. Click here to read more.


Employee Spotlight: Libby Parker on Mindfulness 


Libby Parker, Administrative Coordinator in the Faculty of Law at McGill University, shares her experience with mindfulness.


Libby has been working at McGill for over nineteen years. A member of McGill’s Wellness-Centered Learning Community, Libby has shared her passion for meditation and wellness within the Faculty of Law for many years. Examples include leading the incoming first year class in a short meditation session during their orientation day in Moot Court and creating 'Mindful Mondays' - a lunch time mindfulness session for her colleagues to raise money for Centraide. Click here to read more. 



Upcoming MHW Events


Yoga on Campus
August 7, 2019 (12:00-1:00)


The Art of Meditation

August 12th, 2019 (12:00-1:00)


Managing Stress Through Mindfulness
August 13th, 2019 (12:00-1:00)


Mindfulness and its Role in Cultivating and Maintaining Wellness

August 19th, 2019 (12:00-1:00) 

Mindfulness in the Workplace

August 30th, 2019 (12:00-1:30)




Monthly Health and Well-Being Challenges

The Health and Well-being team in Human Resources invites McGill employees to participate in monthly themed challenges.


For August, we challenge you to be mindful of your screen time, and to create a goal towards reducing the amount of time you spend on your device. Visit the Health and Well-Being Challenge page for tips on how to do this!



How Mindful are you?


Quiz: What is your level of mindfulness? If you need some guidance, the resources in this newsletter can help you up your level.



Be Mindful of your Paper Use


The My Sustainable Workplace learning community is actively exploring how to further decrease the amount of paper we use in our daily work at McGill, focusing on processes that require the use of paper. They have prepared a list of tips to reduce our own paper use. Click here to read them (please don't print them).


We want to hear from you!


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