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With the restrictions placed on stores and galleries in Toronto this holiday season, please consider 401's tenants when planning your holiday this year. Online stores are stocked, and curbside pick-ups are ready!


And for your holiday entertainment, read 401's COVID-safe Entertainment Guide, featuring cafe take-out, online exhibitions, podcasts, online film festivals, workshops, meditation sessions, and more!


Wishing you a warm and dry online holiday shopping season!


This will surely be a very busy online shopping and shipping holiday season. Get started now!




Eva's Print Shop
Eva's Initiatives

Custom Holiday Cards

Send your warm wishes and personal messages to friends and family out of town or living down the street. Choose from ready-made templates or print your own custom greeting cards with uncoated matte, semi-gloss or linen finishes. Blank or custom printed envelopes available.


Eva’s Print Shop is a full-service digital printer that reduces youth homelessness by helping to prepare youth for employment in the graphics and print sector. Every dollar is reinvested into nonprofit shelter, food, caring support, and basic needs for homeless youth at Eva’s. Over 70% of their training program students get full-time work, and they provide follow-up support to help them sustain employment.


To make a purchase online and for more information, please visit this link.



Spacing Store

Online & Curbside Pick-Up


Shop the Spacing Store online featuring holiday ornaments & cards, books, buttons, magnets, clothing, stationary, limited edition prints, home accessories, games, toys, and of course, Spacing magazine. Free shipping on Canadian orders $80+, and curbside pick-up!


Spacing has been creating unique and award-winning Toronto-centric products since 2004. The store works directly with local designers, artists, and makers to offer a selection of merchandise like no other shop in Toronto. Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or have been a long-time resident, the Spacing Store has something for you to help celebrate the city.


Shop online here.



Swipe Design | Books + Objects

Online Store & Curbside Pick-Up: Mon - Sat 12 - 5PM


Shop Swipe's online store featuring holiday ornaments & cards, books, jewelry, stationary, home accessories, games and toys.


Swipe Design | Books + Objects is an independent store offering the city’s largest selection of contemporary books on graphic design, advertising, architecture and urbanism, along with a curated selection of well-designed products for adults and kids. Open by appointment outside of store hours. Online shopping is available and website inventory is always increasing, so check back often!


Shop online here.



Open Studio Shop

Open Studio

Online Store & Curbside Pick-Up: Wed - Sat, 12 - 5 PM


Stocked with contemporary prints, artist multiples and an extensive collection of limited editions, the Open Studio Shop has something at every price point. Give art as a present, and support artist access to Open Studio’s printmaking facilities in the heart of Toronto. Visit their online store to browse through gift ideas sorted by price, theme and artist. Online shop orders are available for shipping and curbside pick-up, and include gift cards that can be used towards artworks or printmaking classes.


Shop online here.





Online Store

Purchase crew neck sweaters, tee shirts and hats from JAYU's online shop. 100% of the sales go to JAYU's mission of sharing human rights stories through the arts.

Shop online here.



Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Online Store: Curated Collections 2020 featuring work via Tangled Arts + Disability

Support local artists by buying Canadian art online via the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair’s Curated Collections 2020, where you can browse special collections of artworks curated by art experts, including curator Adam Cohoon who featured TAG associated artists Bruce Horak, Valentin Brown, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Jaene Castrillon, and Michel Dumont.

Shop for artwork online here.



Red Sky Performance

Online Store


Visit Red Sky Performance’s online shop to purchase their signature mugs, jackets, cotton t-shirts, original soundtracks and more!


Shop online here.



Arts Effect Online


Online Fundraiser to December 18


Arts Effect Online is a digital iteration of the Arts Effect Fundraiser for VIBE Arts. Arts Effect Online offers artwork by emerging artists, VIBE Arts established artists, as well as smaller works and multiples by renowned Canadian artists, through an online platform. Artwork is purchased directly through the website. All deliveries within the GTA are generously provided by Stellar Art Services.


Shop online here.



Bread and Butter: Digital Toast
Ryerson Artspace

Online Art Sale Fundraiser


Shop local and support emerging artists this holiday season with Ryerson Artspace’s Bread and Butter 2020: Digital Toast!


Bread and Butter is Ryerson Artspace's annual holiday show and student print fundraiser. The event features the work of exciting, emerging and established creatives, and offers students the chance to disseminate their work to casual and emerging art collectors.


This year, B&B will run a little differently. Due to the global pandemic, Ryerson is adding an online component to our student fundraiser: Digital Toast!


Student works will be available to purchase on Artspace's website. Dates will be announced soon.

For more information, please visit this link.




Red Sky Performance

Online 30th Anniversary Fundraiser


Celebrating their 30th anniversary with an online fundraiser with artworks on offer by their members in a wide range of media, formats and prices. Sales help Red Head artists directly, as well as supporting The Red Head Gallery’s recovery from the effects of COVID-19, after months of closed doors, and postponed shows.


Shop online here.




The Roastery Window Café

Tuesday - Friday, 9:45AM - 3PM

Saturday, 10:30AM - 3PM


The Roastery Coffee House is serving from The Roastery Window Café to keep you safe. Enjoy hot drinks, lunch options, and sweet treats while you take advantage of the outdoors this holiday!


To skip the line and order ahead, please visit this link.



Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Tuesday - Friday 10AM - 4PM


The Dark Horse is open for take-out in 401's Lower East Side councouse level!


Prefer to get your Dark Horse at home? Dark Horse X Home still does weekly deliveries of coffee, café staples, and hard-to-find items like milk alternative, coffee brewing accessories, and baking supplies. The online store is stocked and ready for perusal.

To make a purchase online and for more information, please visit this link.



Human Rights Film Festival


ONLINE December 3 - 10


Engage with the Human Rights Film Festival for a week of social justice focused art, film, workshops, and more. Learn about important issues. Connect with the HRFF+ community. Join the conversation.


For more information, visit this link.



The Tolerance Poster Show
The Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC)

Urbanspace Gallery


Founded by artist-activist Mirko Ilić, The Tolerance Poster Show initiative showcases posters designed by artists from around the world. The Tolerance Project starts a conversation about inclusion, which can only begin with a foundation of tolerance. In a world increasingly split by race, religion, sexuality, and national origin the show utilizes the unique power of design to remind us what we all have in common.

For more information, please visit this link.



Katharine Burns: Sea Change

Abbozzo Gallery



Katharine Burns' realistic representations of the ocean on canvas convey a sense of immersion into the subject of water as she depicts the eternally changing elements of the sea. Her large-scale seascapes capture the dramatic and evocative nature of the ocean in all of its temperaments, whether it be a powerful crashing wave or a serene blue expanse.


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Katharine studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in oil painting. Today, she maintains her connection with the ocean, practicing her art and drawing inspiration from her surroundings on the East Coast of Nova Scotia.


For more information, please visit this link.



8th Annual Holiday Salon

yumart gallery



yumart's annual holiday exhibition features a selection of works by gallery artists Nina Amin, Robert Chandler, Deirdre Tara Whelan, Joe Rosenblatt, Kathryn Bemrose, Tim Noonan, Alice Burton, Christopher Kier, Y.M. Whelan, Lee Lamothe, Tim Deverell and Seo Eun Kim. The exhibition will also include works by invited guests including Leon Rooke, Richard Bonderenko, Rowell Soller, Dawn Mourning, Wayne Moore, Larry Dickison, Sharona Plakidas and others.


For more information, please visit this link.



Margie Kelk: In: FLUX
Red Head Gallery

ONLINE NOW - January


Trips to Antarctica over the past two years have informed Margie Kelk’s current work. Inspired by the geography, flora and fauna found in South Georgia Island and the Antarctic peninsula, she has studied scientific reports about the feasibility of life continuing under the adverse conditions brought on by climate change in these regions. As scientists have not yet discovered all possible lifeforms living in the southern oceans, and are unsure how current lifeforms may adapt to the changing conditions, Kelk creates her own series of possible life forms in the hopes that something may survive.


Toronto-based multi-media artist Margie Kelk takes an exploratory and experimental approach as she appropriates and reconstructs visual fragments of ideas through diverse media that include ceramic, bronze and aluminum sculpture, drawing, and animation.

For more information, please visit this link.



Shaheer Zazai: There and Then

A Space Windows Exhibition

ON NOW - December 12


The works in ‘There and Then’ come from two different time periods in Zazai’s digital practice. 'The Carpet Series' from 2017, largely informed by his birthplace of Afghanistan, specifically addresses feelings of nostalgia and displacement. His digital practice then steered towards experimentation and exploration of asymmetry, breaks away from the confines of structure, allowing errors to become part of the work. ‘There and Then’ gives the viewer a chance to peer into two different time periods at the same time.


Shaheer Zazai is a Toronto based Afghan-Canadian artist with a studio practice both in painting and digital media. Zazai received a BFA from OCAD University in 2011 and was artist in residence at OCAD University as part of the Digital Painting Atelier in 2015. Zazai’s practice focuses on exploring and investigating the development of cultural identity in the present geopolitical climate and diaspora.

For more information, please visit this link.



Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe: La Fable d’OxA 21965
Trintiy Square Video Vitrine Exhibition

ON NOW – January 4


La Fable d’OxA 21965 considers material culture within the context of geological (or deep) time. Evoking at once an architectural frieze and an archaeological timeline, this looping video work surveys a computer-generated virtual landscape composed of 3D scanned artifacts and architecture from the Girona province. The video stitches together 3D models of the sites like the Coves Prehistòriques de Serinyà to the archway of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona into a palimpsest of human-geological relations. At the same time, the environment is populated with some of the less romantic signifiers of our geological legacy: trash, fossilized water bottles, cell phones, and selfie sticks pepper the landscape.


Anna Eyler is interested in the ways that digital technology influences our relationship to the natural world. Through a combination of sculpture and new media, she explores emerging forms of technological nature; how technology mediates, augments, or simulates depictions of the natural world.


Nicolas Lapointe, through kinetic sculpture and video, probes the relationship between digital technology and the mystical-occult. Lapointe is interested in looking beyond the utilitarian dimensions of technology to instead acknowledge its role as a complex cultural apparatus that profoundly influences our ways of knowing and being in the world.

For more information, please visit this link.



Murmuration: Group exhibition celebrating 50 years

Open Studio



Murmuration was built on the idea of connectivity, artistic innovation, and inspired by the House of Cards project designed by Charles Eames in 1952. Murmuration brings together a community of Open Studio Artist Members to create a unique, interconnected print media project. Each printed piece will exist as a standalone on a wooden substrate. The individual pieces will be slotted in union with other similar pieces to create a final structure. Like a puzzle, the final piece will demonstrate a larger whole, a gathering of parts that symbolizes community and knowledge sharing of print media. Murmuration is about artists coming together to create a large-scale work of art.


For more information, please visit this link.



Rochelle Rubinstein: SHELTER in PLACE

Open Studio Project Space



The block printed banners in SHELTER in PLACE represent Rochelle Rubinstein’s desire to blend the design aesthetics and craft of printmaking on textiles with social and environmental advocacy. When her Open Studio exhibition was postponed due to Covid19, Rubinstein, using only materials that were already in her studio, reworked some of the banners with messages such as Shelter in Place, and Respect Your Mother, and new images of viruses, red crosses, lungs. These were layered over older imagery of plants, hands, hearts, bees, terrorism, keening women, and water.


Rochelle Rubinstein is a Toronto-based printmaker, painter, fabric and book artist. For eighteen years, Rubinstein was a member of Loop Gallery, where she had regular solo exhibitions, and for seven years she curated monthly exhibitions at Mon Ton Window Gallery, in downtown Toronto. As a community arts facilitator, her workshops and projects involving health workers, abused women, people with eating disorders, seniors with depression, youth at risk, and Arab and Jewish artists, are based upon methods that are central to her own art practice: drawing, carving, printing, sewing, and bookmaking. Rubinstein is also a steward of Bela Farm, in Hillsburgh, Ontario, where she is engaged in art, agriculture, and activism.


For more information, please visit this link.



Sally Ayre: Natural Patterns, Woven Series

Open Studio Feature Wall



Natural Patterns, Woven Series is part of an ongoing project about plant specimens and their seeds, which scatter to germinate new life cycles. Using seed from the end of a plant’s life cycle references a broader idea about our own aging processes, the plants and their seeds a metaphor for experiences and knowledge acquired as we grow older and pass on our knowledge to others.

The seed specimens in Sally’s work are often seen in the context of the whole, individual seeds being almost invisible to the eye. She has enlarged her specimens to create a new environment that reveals their beauty and complexity, and an environment that reflects the texture and movement of the natural habitat. Some of the seed specimens in this project are from lupines, milkweed, morning glory, bittersweet, indigo and burrs. Plants that enrich and sometimes invade our environment by constantly regenerating themselves.


Sally Ayre is a photo-based artist working in print and historical photographic processes. Born in Newfoundland and currently living in Toronto, Ayre is a graduate of OCAD (1990), and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.

For more information, please visit this link.




Open Studio Shop Window



On behalf of Open Studio, artist members Andrea deBruijn and Heather J. A. Thomson invited national and international printmakers to create an edition of slotted cards. These cards are the foundation of Mumruación: an expansion of Open Studio’s Murmuration exhibition that would have travelled to a printmaking conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Each year, the Southern Graphics Council holds an international printmaking conference and its 2020 conference, Puertográfico, has been postponed until 2023. Through reflection on our organization’s past and collaboration with international artists in the present, Open Studio seeks to foster new connections to propel it into the future.

For more information, please visit this link.



Silvia Kolbowski: A Few Howls Again
Gallery 44



A Few Howls Again presents film and photographic works by Argentine-born New York-based artist Silvia Kolbowski. Kolbowski’s research-based visual and textual practice addresses questions of temporality, historicization, political resistance, and the unconscious. In this exhibition, video, collage and installation work by the artist examine contemporary issues around political narrativization and power structures through historical figures and film history.

In collaboration with the artist, the curators have selected fragments from Kolbowski’s archive that frame both the broad and personal stakes of her work.

As Kolbowski is also a prolific writer on art and politics, A Few Howls Again will extend into written word through the inclusion of selected texts.

For more information, please visit this link.



Picturing a Pandemic



Organized by LUX in collaboration with Vtape, Picturing a Pandemic is a new series of screenings, texts and discussions curated by artist and writer Conal McStravick, considering what the history of radical and activist video practices can teach us about how to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The series looks to the moving image archive to examine the ways that video as a practice, technology, and commons offers the tools for women, LGBTQIA people, people with chronic conditions and people of colour to stage liberations and survive crises, as collective and embodied activisms, in the past, present and future. LUX is an international arts agency that supports and promotes artists’ moving image practices and the ideas that surround them.

Image: Vincent Chevalier, À Vancouver, 2016, video still

For more information, please visit this link.



The Stillness Room
Necessary Angel Theatre Company

ONLINE MEDITATION Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30PM


The Necessary Angel Theatre Company has partnered with The Stillness Room to offer stillness sessions online.

The Stillness Room uses simple and clear structures for people to collectively experience the calming and quietly transformative qualities of stillness, silence and connection.

Founded in 2016 by Toronto theatre director, teacher, arts leader and meditation practitioner, Alan Dilworth, The Stillness Room is a health and wellness offering for artists and theatre staff working under intense pressure.

For more information, please visit this link.

Background image credit: Lorenzo Savoini
Foreground image credit: Alan Dilworth
Image features: Alan Dilworth and Stuart Hughes




Video Workshops

Trinity Square Video



Editing With DaVinci Resolve: An Introduction Online

Part 1: December 5, 2 – 3:30PM
Part 2: December 12, 2 – 3:30PM
Registration by December 4


Introduction to Ableton Live Online

Part 1: December 7, 6 – 7:30PM
Part 2: December 14, 6 – 7:30PM
Registration by December 7


MaxMSP: Visual Interactive Programming for Installation Online

Part 1: December 8, 6 – 7:30 pm
Part 2: December 15, 6 – 7:30 pm
Registration by December 8


Working with an Editor, Online

Part 1: December 10, 6 – 7:30PM
Part 2: December 17, 6 – 7:30PM
Registration by December 10

For more information, please visit this link.



Capturing and Composing Movement Photography Workshop

Gallery 44

ONLINE December 5, 1 - 3PM


Led by artist member Huw Morgan, this workshop will begin with a short artist talk, followed by a step-by-step demonstration of creating effects of blur and movement using Photoshop CC similar to the techniques used in Huw's recent exhibition at Gallery 44, City in Motion. Blur effects are useful in street photography as well as landscape photography to add interest to waterfalls, lakes and rivers and create movement in images.

For more information, please visit this link.



The Advertising & Design Club of Canada



Created tells sensational stories about how brilliant advertising and design ideas came to life. The creative process, the internal battles, the client struggles, the production drama, the never never giving up to get from good to great. There are loads of award-winning ideas, but it’s an unbelievably uphill battle to get them made, and made right. Because it’s not just about creativity, it’s about getting it created. Created is brought to you by The Advertising & Design Club of Canada. Hosted by Lyranda Martin-Evans, with music and studio care of Grayson Music.

For more information, please visit this link.



BookNet Canada Podcast
BookNet Canada


Book nerds on publishing, data, retail, and tech. New episodes every month on the latest trends and digital advancements affecting the book publishing industry.

For more information, please visit this link.



Tips & Tricks for Presentations

Stinson Design



Looking for advice on the best practices for presentations? Stinson Design’s blog has got you covered with presentation advice. Read helpful articles such as “The Ultimate Guide to Accessible Presentation Design”, “Managing Business Communications While Working Remotely” and more.

To read Stinson Design’s blog, please visit this link.



The Hum



The Hum is a podcast that cuts straight to the heart of human rights stories. Raw, honest and uncensored, from the people who have lived them first-hand. Real people. Real stories. Every other Tuesday. Please note that the content may include content which is triggering. The Hum is an initiative of JAYU, a charity that share human rights stories through the arts.

For more information, please visit this link.



The Good Partnership Podcast
The Good Partnership



The Good Partnership takes the pain out of running small nonprofits with the fundraising and tech support needed to make a difference. Tune in to their podcast for charities and nonprofits.

For more information, please visit this link.



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