Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on May 12, 2021




CRD Board Highlights: May 12, 2021

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The CRD Board will continue its meeting on May 26 at 10am to discuss agenda items not completed on May 12, 2021.

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Identification of Regional Transportation Priorities
The CRD Board has confirmed the regional transportation priority areas. This will help all partners address transportation problems related to congestion and mode shift. The list of transportation priority areas reflects input from partners around the region, organized by the type of action required for implementation. The Board has directed CRD staff to inform partners, including the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, all CRD municipalities, CRD electoral areas, and agency partners, and report back to the Transportation Committee on implementation strategies. Taking action on these priorities will continue to require significant and ongoing coordination, in which the CRD plays a critical role. The CRD Board also voted to begin advocating to the Province that it proceed with a feasibility study of the Westshore ferry and maintenance and upgrade of the E&N rail corridor.

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Solid Waste Management Plan
The CRD Board has approved the final Solid Waste Management Plan which will be submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy for their review and approval. Throughout the planning process, the Solid Waste Advisory Committee provided feedback on the development of the Plan, including the plan goals, targets and strategies which were endorsed by the Environmental Services Committee and CRD Board. Public engagement has been a key part of developing the plan with results incorporated into the final Plan. The CRD Board directed staff to work with the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council to implement recommendations from their February 9, 2021 letter, including establishing a W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council/Capital Regional District negotiation table and meeting schedule, and providing information regarding the Solid Waste Management Plan. In addition, the Board directed staff to prepare a package of Hartland area road access mitigation options costing up to $4 million funded by the Capital Regional District’s Environmental Resource Management division, review these options with District of Saanich staff and area residents, and return to the CRD Board for direction on next steps.

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Mountain Biking Guidelines
A Notice of Motion was approved by the CRD Board on November 13, 2019 to create an advisory committee to support the development of a mountain biking policy. With the advice and guidance from the Mountain Biking Advisory Committee, staff have developed the CRD Regional Parks Mountain Biking Guidelines and the Short term Actions to support the Mountain Biking Advisory Committee Advice and Guidance Report which the CRD Board has now approved. The CRD Regional Parks Mountain Biking Guidelines will be reviewed in the context of the Regional Parks Strategy Plan update. The CRD Board also approved the CRD Regional Parks committee recommendation that the CRD Board develop a mountain bike policy for CRD Regional Parks.

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2019-2022 Board Strategic Priorities - Annual Check-In
The Board approved a recommendation that the current level of effort on CRD Board Priorities be maintained. To support the Board’s decision-making, staff will provide recommendations on funding, timing and service levels for 2022 through the service and financial planning processes in accordance with the approved 2019-2022 Board Strategic Priorities.

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Capital Regional District 2020 Annual Report
The Board received the CRD 2020 Annual Report, which provides a profile of CRD services and our progress and accomplishments in advancing Board and Corporate priorities, together with service delivery results and financial highlights. The report also features key activities of the CRD’s other corporate entities, the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) and Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC), and the many CRD-appointed Commissions

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Capital Regional District Climate Action - 2020 Annual Report
Throughout 2020, multiple CRD services contributed to corporate and regional climate goals. The 2020 Climate Action Annual Report outlines actions the CRD has undertaken to advance the corporate and regional climate strategies, Board priorities, and commitments as a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter over the past year. The CRD Board received the 2020 Climate Action Annual Report and instructed staff to complete the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program report to be submitted to the Province as required under the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Reporting Program.

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CRHC Annual Report
The CRHC Board received the CRHC 2020 Annual Report, which outlines progress on strategic priorities identified by the CRHC Board, such as providing affordable housing and delivering tenant services. It also details the CRHC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and provides financial highlights for the year ending December 31, 2020.

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Environmental Resource Management - 2020 Progress Report
The CRD Board received the annual progress report with updates on solid waste programs, operations, capital projects, environmental monitoring and other activities. Based on the 5R hierarchy, the CRD’s solid waste services continue striving to minimize waste generation and disposal needs, and maximize diversion and recovery opportunities.

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CRD’s response to COVID-19
In keeping with directives from the Province of BC, the public is not able to attend CRD Board meetings in-person at this time. However, the public may continue to view meeting materials and webcasts online. Written submissions and applications to address the Board are encouraged, with a modified process for delegations electronically.


In response to Ministerial orders, we are updating our process for public notices and hearings for land use applications. For more information, please contact the JDF Office here. For more information on communicating with the CRD Board or appearing as a phone-in delegation at a Board or Committee meeting, click here.


To find out if the committee/commission you are interested in has an upcoming meeting, click here for agendas.


For more information on the CRD’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.crd.bc.ca/covid





The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 9, 2021


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