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CRD Board Highlights: July 14, 2021

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Transportation Priorities Implementation Strategies
Advancing the regional transportation priorities will take ongoing collaboration amongst the CRD and all municipal, electoral area and agency partners. The CRD Board directed staff to form a Transportation Advisory Committee (“TAC”), reporting through the Transportation Committee, with senior staff representation from CRD, municipal, electoral area and agency partners to advise on regional transportation matters requiring coordination. Staff will develop a region-wide approach to transportation demand management, safety policy and implementation of a connected and consistent regional trail network, working through the TAC. The CRD Board also directed staff to advance advocacy and other implementation actions, as set out in Appendix B: Transportation Priority Area Implementation Strategies. The ‘parking and access upgrades’ actions were also amended to expand the scope to encompass access to parks via active transportation and transit and rename it parks access.

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CRD Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Roadmap
Transportation is a key contributor to regional greenhouse gas emissions. The CRD Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Roadmap identifies that approximately $31 million of investment will be needed for public EV infrastructure to set the region up to achieve 25% of EV ownership relative to the total vehicle fleet by 2030 and support the Regional Growth Strategy target of 61% total greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2038. The Roadmap indicates that the CRD can support regional collaboration and infrastructure investment through coordination, education, tracking, and policy support. The CRD Board received the EV Infrastructure Roadmap for information.

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Regional Parks – Service Level Review

CRD Regional Parks has undertaken a comprehensive service level review exercise. This exercise identifies CRD Regional Parks’ ongoing needs to meet core service levels now and into the future. The CRD Board has directed staff to report back to the CRD Regional Parks Committee as part of the service planning process with a recommended financing option for future investments in land and major capital works that incorporates finance guidelines currently under development.

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Arts & Culture Progress Report

The CRD Board received the CRD Arts & Culture Progress Report for information. This report provides a glimpse into the impact of CRD Arts grants through regional arts organizations. The 2020 Progress Report focuses on the impact of the arts during the COVID-19 pandemic using data showing the activity of CRD-funded organizations and through storytelling. The stories relay the adaptations and innovations that these organizations made to develop and present programming and its impact on the well-being of residents. The report also summarizes CRD Arts grant distribution, progress made on the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and provides information envisioning a regional arts support strategy.

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Cancellation of provincial Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

On May 11, 2021, the Province announced the cancellation of the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Local governments, including the CRD, have relied on this funding as a consistent source to fund key climate action activities. The financial loss represents risk to future efforts and progress in climate action. The CRD Board will advocate to the Province to work with local governments on a replacement program. The Board Chair will send a letter to: Premier John Horgan; the Minister of Municipal Affairs; the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy; and UBCM detailing the impact of cancelling the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) and requesting that the Province engage local governments on the swift replacement of CARIP with a program that provides consistent, non-application based funding, with first payments received by local governments in 2022.

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Bylaw 4441: Contribution Service Establishment for the Pender Islands Health Care Centre

The CRD Board read Bylaw No. 4441 a first, second, and third time. This bylaw is to establish a contribution service to support the operation of the Pender Island Health Care Centre. Consistent funding through requisition will reduce the amount of funding that must be raised through charitable donations and will support sustained, on-going health and wellness service delivery on Pender Islands. CRD staff have been directed to implement the elector approval process by way of referendum. Kristen Morley has been appointed Chief Election Officer. General voting will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2021 with Advance Voting opportunities to be determined at a later date. The wording of the referendum question on the ballot will be as follows:

Are you in favour of the Capital Regional District (CRD) Board adopting Bylaw No. 4441, “Pender Islands Health Care Centre Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw No. 1, 2021”, authorizing the CRD to establish a service to contribute to the costs incurred by the Pender Islands Health Care Society in operating the Pender Islands Health Care Centre and to raise a maximum annual requisition up to the greater of TWO HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($235,000) or $0.1803 per ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1,000.00) of taxable land and improvements for the purpose of funding the operating costs of the service. YES or NO?

The synopsis of Bylaw No. 4441 was approved for advertising purposes.
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CAO Quarterly Progress Report No. 2, 2021

The Board received the second Quarterly Progress Report in 2021 for information. As part of staff’s commitment to enhanced quarterly reporting to the Board, the CAO Quarterly Progress Report No. 2 - 2021 provides a status update of Progress on Board and Corporate Priorities, Activities and Initiatives, Capital Project Variances, and Human Resource Trends across the organization.

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CRD’s response to COVID-19
In keeping with directives from the Province of BC, the public is not able to attend CRD Board meetings in-person at this time. However, the public may continue to view meeting materials and webcasts online. Written submissions and applications to address the Board are encouraged, with a modified process for delegations electronically.


In response to Ministerial orders, we are updating our process for public notices and hearings for land use applications. For more information, please contact the JDF Office here. For more information on communicating with the CRD Board or appearing as a phone-in delegation at a Board or Committee meeting, click here.


To find out if the committee/commission you are interested in has an upcoming meeting, click here for agendas.


For more information on the CRD’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.crd.bc.ca/covid

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021


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