Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on August 10, 2022.



CRD Board Highlights: August 10, 2022

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Summary of Feedback - 2022 Regional Water Supply Master Plan

The Regional Water Supply Commission received the Regional Water Supply 2022 Master Plan in May and directed staff to seek public feedback on the Plan. The engagement period has now closed and a summary of the public and stakeholder feedback was provided for consideration. The Capital Regional District (CRD) provided information about the Master Plan to 16 First Nations and will be conducting more and specific engagement with First Nations on a project-by-project basis as each project proceeds through further study and design phases. The Plan was endorsed by the Regional Water Supply Commission in July with a recommendation that the plan be approved and serve as a guide to future water supply planning. The CRD Board approved the 2022 Master Plan.

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Core Area Wastewater System Commissioning and Operations Update and Capital Program Status Report

The CRD Board received an update on the Core Area Wastewater System Commissioning and Operations for information. The CRD accepted operational responsibility for the various facilities constructed under the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project between September 2020 and December 2021. The commissioning period of the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (MPWWTP) and the system as a whole continues to extend into the two-year performance period, ending in December 2022. During this time, the commissioning activities at the MPWWTP and conveyance infrastructure facilities are expected to periodically impact plant performance and effluent quality, and some plant and conveyance facility systems, including odour management. The CRD is confident that the issues identified within this update will be addressed and that the MPWWTP will achieve performance expectations.

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Regional Trails – Widening and Lighting Policies

The CRD Board received a report for information on widening and lighting policies for regional trails. The Regional Trails Management Plan includes policy direction relating to when the CRD will consider widening a regional trail and/or separating uses into use-specific paths but does not provide design standards or implementation criteria. The Regional Trails Management Plan does not include policy direction for when lighting will be provided on regional trails. The Regional Parks and Trails Strategic Plan identifies updating the Regional Trails Management Plan to include actions supporting a regional active transportation network, including the establishment of design standards and the development of policy supporting widening/separating and lighting. A funding strategy to support these initiatives is identified as a short-term strategy in the Regional Parks and Trails Strategic Plan.

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Temporary Closure of Regional Trails

The CRD Board received a report for information on the current process for temporarily closing regional trails. When the CRD is required to close a portion of a regional trail, efforts are taken to minimize the impacts of the service disruption. Staff currently utilize a set of operational guidelines that focus on public communication and site safety to implement temporary closures of a regional trail. Prior to the approval of a CRD Board policy for trail closures and detour routes, the Transportation Working Group must establish a shared approach on how closures and detour routes are reviewed, approved, and implemented across the region.

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The CRD Board will meet as the Committee of the Whole on Wednesday, September 21, 2022


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