Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on November 10, 2021




CRD Board Highlights: November 10, 2021

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Capital Regional District 2021 Financial Plan Provisional Approval

The Capital Regional District (CRD) and the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) Boards approved their 2022 Provisional Financial Plans on October 27, 2021. The CRD, Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) and Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) financial plans combine to form a consolidated budget totaling $611 million. The provisional plan is subject to change prior to final approval by the Board and is now available for public review and comment.

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E &N Rail Trail – Humpback Connector

The CRD Board received a report providing an update on the status of the development of the E & N Rail Trail for information. The E&N Rail Trail – Humpback Connector is well in progress, with approximately 13 of the 17 kilometre route now complete. This newest regional trail connects the City of Victoria, Township of Esquimalt, Songhees Nation, Esquimalt Nation, Town of View Royal and City of Langford, expanding opportunities for active transportation and active recreation. Two remaining sections (Phase 4 and Phase 5) will extend the trail route in both directions, in the City of Victoria and the City of Langford. The CRD is moving forward, working with the City of Victoria, to begin construction of Phase 4 in 2022, and Phase 5 will be scheduled once the route has been finalized and funding has been determined.

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Regional Trails Management Plan – Implementation Update

The Regional Trails Management Plan (RTMP) was approved in 2016 and guides the development, operation and management of regional trails over a 15-year period. Staff have been implementing actions identified in the RTMP and will be researching opportunities to increase access to alternative funding streams. The CRD Board received an update on the implementation of the RTMP and directed staff to refer the second strategic action identified in the RTMP which relates to working with municipalities and/or the MOTI on road/trail crossings, allowing cycling across trail-related crosswalks, improving on-street portions of trails, establishing links between regional trails and key regional destinations, and partnering on public outreach regarding safe and respectful trail use to the Transportation Working Group as a priority and to report back in 2022 on options for evaluating evolution of the regional trail network.

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Mosquito Population Management and Control Program

The Capital Regional District partners with the District of Central Saanich and the Tsawout First Nation to implement the Integrated Pest Management Plan and the Mosquito Population Management and Control Program. Since 2011, the program has successfully reduced the number of adult mosquitos present in the Island View Beach area; however, in 2021, a failure with the Tsawout flapper gate combined with three weeks of very high tides resulted in a flooding of the Tsawout salt marsh, resulting in a noticeable increase in the number of mosquitos in the area. The CRD Board has authorized up to $15,000 of funding towards a feasibility study for the replacement of the Tsawout flapper gate. The Board also directed staff to undertake a drainage study for the ditches in Island View Beach Regional Park, share the results with the District of Central Saanich and Tsawout First nation, and report back. The CRD will continue to work with the District of Central Saanich and Tsawout First Nation to improve drainage conditions in the Island View Beach area.

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Bylaw No. 4468, “Capital Regional District Climate Action and Adaptation Service Establishment Bylaw, 2008, Amendment Bylaw No. 2, 2021”

The establishing bylaw for the CRD Climate Action and Adaptation service has a maximum requisition limit that needs to be raised to implement key initiatives within the strategy outlined in the updated regional Climate Action Strategy. Pursuant to Section 349 of the Local Government Act, the bylaw amendment requires the consent of at least 2/3 of the participating area municipalities and electoral areas, as well as Inspector of Municipalities approval. The CRD Board read the Amendment Bylaw a first, second and third time on October 27, 2021 and referred it to the Inspector of municipalities for approval. The Board also directed staff to proceed with elector approval by way of Municipal Council and Electoral Area Director consent.

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Election of Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs

The CRD, CRHD and CRHC Boards held their annual elections for Chair and Vice-Chair at the inaugural meetings held on November 10, 2021. Director Colin Plant has been re-elected as the CRD Board Chair for a fourth consecutive year and Director Rebecca Mersereau has been re-elected for the second time as the CRD Board Vice-Chair. Director Denise Blackwell has been re-elected as the CRHD Board Chair and Director Rebecca Mersereau has been elected as the CRHD Board Acting Chair. Director Jeremy Loveday has been elected as the CRHC Board Chair and Director David Screech has been re-elected as the CRHC Board Vice-Chair.

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CRD’s response to COVID-19
In keeping with directives from the Province of BC, there is limited space for the public to attend CRD Board meetings in-person at this time. However, the public may continue to view meeting materials and webcasts online. Written submissions and applications to address the Board are encouraged, with a modified process for delegations electronically.


In response to Ministerial orders, we are updating our process for public notices and hearings for land use applications. For more information, please contact the JDF Office here. For more information on communicating with the CRD Board or appearing as a phone-in delegation at a Board or Committee meeting, click here.


To find out if the committee/commission you are interested in has an upcoming meeting, click here for agendas.


For more information on the CRD’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.crd.bc.ca/covid.


The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 8, 2021


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