Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on March 10, 2021




CRD Board Highlights: March 10, 2021

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Regional Transportation Plan Report Card
The Board received the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Report Card for information. Much progress has been made towards implementing the RTP since its adoption in 2014. This progress is a result of collaborative and individual efforts of the CRD, CRD members and agency partners. This work has been achieved despite there being no regional transportation governance authority or dedicated funding source as envisioned at the time the RTP was approved. Additional investment in coordinated policy, programming and infrastructure needs to demonstrate how it will help the region achieve its 42% mode share target. The Transportation Committee will consider how to best direct this investment when findings from the regional transportation priority setting process are brought forward.

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Kitchen Scraps Tipping Fee Rate
The Board approved an amendment to the Hartland Landfill and Tipping Fee Regulation Bylaw to set the tipping fee rate for kitchen scraps at $140 per tonne beginning January 1, 2022 to offset kitchen scraps hauling and processing costs.

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CRD Regional Parks – Revenue Generation Strategy – 2021-2024
The Board approved two motions from the Regional Parks Committee. The first motion endorses property tax requisition as the primary revenue source for Regional Parks operating costs. The second motion directs staff to report back during the Regional Parks Strategic Planning process on additional options for parking revenues in Regional Parks, with a view toward maintaining accessibility for diverse park users and ensuring fairness for users across the regional parks system.

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Initial Engagement Reports for the Mount Work, East Sooke, Matheson Lake and Roche Cove Regional Parks Management Plans
The Board received the initial engagement reports for the Mount Work, East Sooke, Matheson Lake and Roche Cove regional parks management plans. The initial engagement phase allows an opportunity for interested parties and stakeholders to provide input at the onset of the planning process. This provides the CRD with information and insight into what is working well in the parks, what issues may need to be addressed and what people envision for the long-term direction of the parks. In order to achieve the highest degree of public support possible, the work of obtaining preliminary feedback, analyzing comments and addressing interests are important for the next step of developing draft management plans. When draft plans are completed, they will be brought to the Regional Parks Committee and the CRD Board and, subject to Board direction, a second round of public engagement will occur.

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Implementation and Implications of the Consultant’s Recommendations from Stage One: A Public Conversation about Performing Arts Facilities in the CRD
The Board approved several recommendations from a report commissioned by the CRD Regional Arts Facilities Select Committee, Stage One: A Public Conversation about Performing Arts Facilities in the CRD. Staff are directed to include $150,000 in the 2021 final budget and will begin the process of establishing a regional service for the purposes of planning, developing and funding of performing arts facilities that have regional impact. In a motion arising, the Board also directed the Chair to create a committee to oversee the work of creation of an arts service.

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Reconsideration of Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative Membership
The Board has directed the CRD to join the Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative (CCSPI) for the 2021 year, and directed staff to report back prior to incorporating CCSPI’s preferred social procurement principles into CRD’s procurement processes. Staff will also consider if a coastal-region social procurement framework is advisable to examine or adopt, over-and-above current practices, as the CRD is currently undertaking social procurement projects with similar goals of CCSPI.

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Saanich Peninsula Waterways Environmental Action Service Establishment Bylaw
The Board adopted Bylaw 4391 to establish a waterways and waterbodies monitoring and coordination service on the Saanich Peninsula, and to coordinate the public authorities and groups sharing jurisdiction over these watercourses under s. 263(1)(a) of the Local Government Act.

Staff Report | Bylaw 4391 | Webcast


CRD’s response to COVID-19
In keeping with directives from the Province of BC, the public is not able to attend CRD Board meetings in-person at this time. However, the public may continue to view meeting materials and webcasts online. Written submissions and applications to address the Board are encouraged, with a modified process for delegations electronically.


In response to Ministerial orders, we are updating our process for public notices and hearings for land use applications. For more information, please contact the JDF Office here. For more information on communicating with the CRD Board or appearing as a phone-in delegation at a Board or Committee meeting, click here.


To find out if the committee/commission you are interested in has an upcoming meeting, click here for agendas.


For more information on the CRD’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.crd.bc.ca/covid.


The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 14, 2021


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