Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on November 16, 2022.



CRD Board Highlights: November 16, 2022

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Election of Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs

The CRD, CRHD and CRHC Boards held their annual elections for Chair and Vice-Chair at the inaugural meetings on November 16, 2022. Director Colin Plant has been re-elected as the CRD Board Chair for a fifth consecutive year, and Director Maja Tait has been acclaimed as the CRD Board Vice-Chair. Director Kevin Murdoch has been acclaimed as the CRHD Board Chair, and Director Cliff McNeil-Smith has been elected as the CRHD Board Acting Chair. Director Zac de Vries has been acclaimed as the CRHC Board Chair, and Director Maja Tait has been elected as the CRHC Board Vice-Chair.

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2022 General Local Election and Assent Voting Results

The CRD Board received a report for information on the 2022 General Local Elections and the results of two referenda questions. In accordance with the Local Government Act, the CRD conducted and reports results for the 2022 General Local Elections for the offices of: Juan de Fuca, Southern Gulf Islands and Salt Spring Island Electoral Area Director; Galiano, Mayne, North Pender, Salt Spring, Saturna and South Pender Islands Trustees. Assent voting was conducted for the Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission, which was affirmed by voters, and the Southern Gulf Islands Transportation Service, which failed to meet the required threshold for consent. The following candidates were acclaimed: Saturna Island Local Area Trustees and nominees to the Land Use Committee for the sub-regions of East Sooke and Willis Point.

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The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2022


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