Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on October 12, 2022.



CRD Board Highlights: October 12, 2022

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Award of Contract ERM2022-006 - Curbside Collection of Packaging and Printed Paper

The Capital Regional District issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a six-year contract that included language to incent performance reliability and the provision of low or zero emission vehicles for residential curbside blue box collection. Two proposals were received. The successful proposal submitted by GFL Environmental Incorporated has a larger collection fleet that will include 23 trucks powered by compressed natural gas and two all-electric collection trucks. The CRD Board has directed staff to enter into a new six-year contract from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2029.

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Hartland Area Road Access Mitigation

The Capital Regional District Board reviewed options to address the community impact of changing Hartland Landfill’s commercial vehicle access from Hartland Avenue to Willis Point Road following a consultation process that occurred over a number of months. The Board approved funding proposed works to a maximum of $4 million from the 2023 Environmental Resource Management capital budget. The Board directed staff to work with the District of Saanich to finalize the identified intersection improvements and respond to any remaining concerns raised by the community about traffic.

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Summit Noise Concerns – Update

To address an unpleasant tone emanating from the rooftop equipment on the Summit Building, the Capital Regional Hospital District Board has authorized the CRD Chief Administrative Officer to implement the proposed remediation strategy, including a maximum expenditure of $200,000 for equipment modifications to resolve noise concerns at the Summit long-term care home.

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CAO Quarterly Progress Report No. 3 2022

The Board received the third Quarterly Progress Report in 2022 for information. The report provided a status update on progress on Board and Corporate Priorities, Activities and Initiatives, Capital Project Variances, and Human Resource Trends across the organization.

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Bylaw No. 4515: Solid Waste Disposal Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1, 2022
The CRD 2023 provisional financial plan sets out the capital expenditure of each service, including planned borrowings. Borrowing for the Solid Waste Disposal Service was identified as $36 million for planned infrastructure and improvements. The CRD Board read Bylaw No. 4515, “Solid Waste Disposal Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1, 2022” a first, second and third time and referred it to the Inspector of Municipalities for approval. If approved, the Board directed staff to conduct an alternative approval process for the entire service area as per section 345 of the Local Government Act. If the Alternative Approval Process is successful, Bylaw 4515 will be brought forward for adoption.
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Bylaw No. 4522 - Regional Goose Management Service
Bylaw No. 4522, “Canada Goose Management Service Establishment Bylaw No. 1, 2022” was prepared to take actions to reduce the population of Canada Geese, monitor goose populations and to coordinate partnerships between agencies under various jurisdictions, including First Nations, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, parks and recreation boards, local and regional governments, airport authorities, farmers and other owners of large properties in the capital region. The CRD Board read the Bylaw a first, second and third time and directed staff to obtain approval through a regional alternative approval process. Bylaw No. 4522 will be forwarded to the Inspector of Municipalities for review of the elector approval method.
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The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 16, 2022


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