Highlights from the CRD Board meeting on July 13, 2022.



CRD Board Highlights: July 13, 2022

CRD Board Highlights provides a brief summary of items from each monthly regional Board meeting. The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items. Please refer to the CRD website for the full agenda, minutes and webcast.


Renewed Regional Parks and Trails Strategic Plan
The CRD Regional Parks and Trails Strategic Plan provides a renewed vision, mission, values, priorities and actions to guide regional parks and trails service delivery from 2022 to 2032. This Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with agencies, stakeholders and the public, and with input from First Nations in the region. The CRD Board has approved the Plan on an interim basis for one year while engagement with First nations continues.

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Island Rail Corridor (E&N Corridor) Advocacy
The CRD Board received a report for information on the CRD’s approach to advocate for the Island Rail Corridor. The Board decided to escalate advocacy for restoration and the resumption of rail operation on the E & N Corridor and requested that the Chair communicate with provincial and federal, First Nations and other regional elected officials, on behalf of the Board. The Board also directed staff to provide the Board with steps to be taken and timelines for heightened, urgent advocacy in support of protecting the corridor. In addition, the Board decided to support the Island Corridor Foundation’s requests that the federal and provincial governments work together to equitably settle Indigenous claims within and along the island rail corridor, and to create a multi-disciplinary team, reflecting all affected interests, to advance rail as a transportation option on Vancouver Island.

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Disposal of International Cruise Ship Waste at Hartland Landfill - Follow-up
The CRD Board received a report providing information regarding the disposal of international cruise ship waste at Hartland Landfill. The report answered questions with respect to cruise ship waste recycling, the process of classifying it as either low or high risk, and the level of disposal fees being charged to receive it. In view of both the operational and landfill space costs associated with managing high risk cruise ship waste, staff believe the fee charged to receive this waste is too low. The CRD Board decided to increase the Hartland Landfill tipping fee for international high risk cruise ship waste to $500 per tonne beginning January 1, 2024.

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Salt Spring Island Establishment of Local Community Commission

The creation of a local community commission for Salt Spring Island will permit greater elected representation for the electoral area and greater involvement in the administration of island-wide services, with the potential for elected members to advise on other on-island services or issues. The creation of such a commission is subject to elector assent or referendum vote. The CRD Board introduced Bylaw No. 4507, “Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission Establishment Bylaw No. 1, 2022”, and read it a first, second, and third time and directed staff to implement the elector approval process by way of a referendum which will take place on October 15, 2022 in concurrence with the General Local Election. Bylaw No. 4508, “Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission Delegation Bylaw No. 1, 2022”, was also introduced and read a first, second, and third time.

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CAO Quarterly Progress Report No. 2 2022

The Board received the second Quarterly Progress Report in 2022 for information. The report provided a status update of progress on Board and Corporate Priorities, Activities and Initiatives, Capital Project Variances, and Human Resource Trends across the organization

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The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10, 2022


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