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December Newsletter




It's The Most Wonderful Time...

...To Be Happy!


The best and worst memories of our life almost always revolve around our relationships. Our relationships will be held together by a weak thread if our communication skills are poor. This holiday season, be even merrier with those you love and care about the most. How? Let's make that thread stronger, with better communication skills.


In 4 easy steps develop stronger communication skills for

stronger, healthier, and happier relationships!

Want to spread positivity and motivation each

morning to your friends and family?

Well, we have that covered for you, use our premade good morning posts!


Online Therapy Is Just as Effective

We UNDERSTAND our Clients Concerns

Assure Privacy & Confidentiality


& Convenient

Save Money


This magical season many are sitting alone, not talking as much or being themselves. Just sticking a smile to a face doesn't mean happiness. Look beyond the fake smile for symptoms of something more serious. Rather than joking around ask meaningful questions and be there for them.


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The Thoughts is a mental health clinic and an outpatient rehab service that has experienced licensed clinical social worker/Psychotherapist & addictions specialist associated with it. It is our expertise to identify the source of your stress or difficulty and help you in developing coping skills and effective solutions. In relation to COVID-19, we provide: video, tele, and text therapy.