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It's Time To Forgive


Forgiving is not the same as pardoning the offense or condemning their actions! This misconception is why many people find forgiveness to seem wrong and impossible.


Though forgiveness is rather an internal motivation to make peace with yourself and move on. It’s not something you must do for others – it is something you must do for yourselves. When you forgive, you essentially let go of the resentment, grievance, shame, guilt, or pain from the past that you have been holding onto, through a positive and analytical process in order to get a sense of peace and happiness in return.


There are many mental, emotional, and even physical benefits to forgiveness!

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Gandhi

You aren't the one that committed the crime, so why are you punishing yourself to stay trapped in that jail of bitterness?

Studies prove that being a forgiving person leads to lowered blood pressure, better heart health, and even a stronger immune system”

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Managing anger, as we all know, is crucial. But before we can do that we must identify our triggers.

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The Thoughts is a mental health clinic and an outpatient rehab service that has experienced licensed clinical social worker/Psychotherapist & addictions specialist associated with it. It is our expertise to identify the source of your stress or difficulty and help you in developing coping skills and effective solutions. In relation to COVID-19, we provide: video, tele, and text therapy.