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Making Memories

with Your Kids


Yesterday, while on my morning walk, I found myself smiling and feeling so full of joy as I looked out at the sun rising in one corner and my family walking and chatting down the path embroidered by beautiful trees. This brought me back to one of my favorite childhood memories, the Diwali season. Days off from school turning little candies into banner decorations, singing and cleaning with my sisters, climbing up on the ladder my dad held secure to hang up the lights, and choosing fun fabrics from the wardrobe to turn into a new outfit with my mom.


To sum up my not so short story, no matter the lack of money or a big house, separate bedrooms or lavish vacation, grand birthday parties or a room filled with toys… I had a wonderful childhood because I got immense love from my parents and undivided moments of attention from them that served as opportunities to truly connect, bond, and turn into memorable moments. To reiterate, as a child, my happiness came from the quality time I got to spend with my parents and siblings.





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"Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end."

- John Lennon



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