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If you don't know what psychotherapy or talk therapy is, it is essentially a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties.


A professional and licensed counselor/psychotherapist listens with empathy and an unbiased opinion, explores your thoughts and feelings, analyzes them, and then helps accordingly. This is personal for every individual, it can mean they help you; see your strength, find your courage, understand your emotions, learn coping techniques for tough situations, learn tools to manage your mental illness, understand how to effectively resolve your emotional, relational, and work conflicts, learn self-help skills to improve your mental health and learn to love yourself.

Perhaps still asking "why?", take a look at the following list. Therapy may help individuals reduce the effects of these strong emotions.

  1. Overwhelm.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. Disproportionate rage, anger, or resentment.
  4. Agoraphobia. (Fear being in places where they might experience panic attacks or become trapped.)
  5. Anxious or intrusive thoughts.
  6. Apathy.
  7. Hopelessness.
  8. Social withdrawal.


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The Thoughts is a mental health clinic and an outpatient rehab service that has experienced licensed clinical social worker/Psychotherapist & addictions specialist associated with it. It is our expertise to identify the source of your stress or difficulty and help you in developing coping skills and effective solutions. In relation to COVID-19, we provide: video, tele, and text therapy. 

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