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Covid-19 struck us last year right around this time, and now we are once again in lockdown, but this time with more losses at our hand. The challenges of this pandemic that never seem to end, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding school, jobs, relationships, finances, and life in general can overwhelm people of all ages with sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, and negativity. What we imagined lasting a couple of months, continues to infest years of our life and all parts of our joy. But shifting to a more positive outlook can help get us through these tough times. This, of course, is not always so easy to do; it takes a conscious effort, a helpful guide, and sometimes the blooming of beautiful tulips and daisies outdoors!


Gardening is a beautiful way to relieve stress and promote mental well-being. With the time we spend indoors and glued to screens, getting into nature and under the sun can improve our mood and help us feel more connected with ourselves and the world around us. Furthermore, the act of creating beauty and turning your home into a haven as a place for meditation and relaxation is quite uplifting.

The creation of art provides catharsis for stressful and difficult emotions, a distraction from negative thoughts and experiences, and a chance to express yourself. Sometimes doing art with your kids, significant other or friends can be a great bonding experience to talk, have fun and work on your teamwork. And in the end, you are left with a beautiful piece of art that adds beauty and joy to your home.

Journaling is a direct and reflective opportunity for positive self talk and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors. Journaling is a healthy way to express your emotions and deal with overwhelming emotions, in turn helping you manage your anxiety and reducing stress. By doing this daily, you are also able to learn more about yourself and track your triggers so you can find ways to control them.

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The Thoughts is a mental health clinic and an outpatient rehab service that has experienced licensed clinical social worker/Psychotherapist & addictions specialist associated with it. It is our expertise to identify the source of your stress or difficulty and help you in developing coping skills and effective solutions. In relation to COVID-19, we provide: video, tele, and text therapy.