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Is it "Okay" to SCARE my Kids?


On Halloween with a paper ghost? SURE!

Through beating, yelling, and name-calling? NO!


It is quite obvious that no parent actually wants to hit or yell at their child, but when they are swarmed into a cloud of frustration, parents just feel the need to resort to such harsh techniques in order to discipline their child and receive respect.


As much as you may believe that yelling and beating is the only way to make your child behave and get respect, however, the psychological effects make it ineffective and actually detrimental. In fact, new research even found that yelling at kids

can be just as harmful as hitting them!

Leading kids to have anger issues, demonstrate stubborn and narcissistic behaviour and having to deal with many mental health issues.

You probably have many excuses racing through your mind right now,

so follow this link and clear them up.




Online Therapy Is Just as Effective

The major component of effective therapy involves the relationship between the therapist and the patient. As a trained professional with 22 years of experience in therapy and 5 years alone doing online therapy, I am able to create the same therapeutic environment and connection through the online platform, whether it be video or telephone.

We UNDERSTAND our Clients Concerns

Assure Privacy & Confidentiality


We use an online platform called Virtual Care that is PHIPA compliance...


& Convenient


Limited mobility, location & social anxiety do not restrict from receiving proper help...

Save Money


We can offer our valuable help at a significantly lower cost...



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