February 2021

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Strong collaborators are team players who acknowledge others' efforts, keep a positive outlook, and navigate disagreements by respecting their teammates' ideas. They use cc-power to create transparency and always keep the big-picture in mind by balancing their work with their working relationships.

Career Tips



Team Player as Career Value


Teamwork skills are important to your success for both academic and non-academic jobs. What are these skills and why are they important? Here are some tips to help you show these skills on your resume or in an interview.

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Canada’s Top 100 Employers (2021)

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Who are the top 100 employers in Canada? In the age of COVID, the country’s top employers are recognized for their forward-thinking workplace initiatives, and their response and support to employees and communities throughout the pandemic.

Featured Profile



Site Reliability Engineer at Google


Zahra grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Arizona State University. Due to pressure from her parents to become a doctor or an engineer, she began college as a premed major. However, two months into her first semester, she was already unhappy. She searched online…continue reading


For more occupations, visit Career Cruising or Vault Career Intelligence. Please first login at the top of this page Career Databases to obtain the username and password for Career Cruising.

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Environmental Career Profiles

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Looking for environmental careers? This site posts nearly 130 career profiles. Each profile gives you a snapshot of the profession – job duties, work environment, educational requirements, and related careers. Check out their latest career blog posts to gain industry insights, and job board for job and internship opportunities.

Featured Book



Education Professionals: A Practical Career Guide

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This book is for those who are interested in a career in education. It includes interviews with professionals in the field, and covers three areas that have proven to be stable, lucrative, and growing professions: Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, and Secondary Education.


To learn more about career options, please consult these books:

  • Working world: careers in international education, exchange, and development (click here)

  • Get that teaching job! (click here)

  • Ace Your Teacher Resume (and Cover Letter) : Insider Secrets That Get You Noticed (click here)


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