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Your news at the heart of your Faculty of Dentistry / Issue 1 / February 14, 2013



 Annual Chinese Dinner, 2011
February 18th  Table Clinics 2:30-8:00pm Holiday Inn Plaza, 420 Sherbrooke West. More info

February 20th  Annual Chinese Dinner at Le crystal chinois More info

February 27th  Special Research Seminar, "Tricalcium phosphate as bone substitutes." More info

March 1st  CE course:  ‘'Going 'Lean' in Healthcare: A Hands-On Introduction," 8am-4:30pm More info


outreach share the warmth
Mobile Outreach Clinic, Feb. 2013 – Share the Warmth / Photo Ioana Dumitru

February 21st  Outreach Clinic, Chinese Hospital, 189 Viger Est, 6pm. Schedule

February 28th  Outreach Clinic, MGH, 6pm. Schedule

Important Calendar Dates

March 1st  Deadline for applications for Summer Research Scholarships 2013 (Dent P, DMD 1, DMD 2). More info

March 13th  Next Faculty Council


Be part of the interviewing team: Interviews for incoming 2013 Dent-P and DMD candidates. More info

3 Minutes to Change the World: Application Deadline February 20th. More info

Nominations for Dr. Howard S. Katz Award for Excellence in Teaching: Deadline February 28th. More info

Submissions for Research Day 2013: Deadline March 8th. More info

Nominations for Research Day 2014 Co-Chair: Deadline March 15th. More info

Nominations for Most Valuable Person Award Deadline March 15th. More info

Participate in Montreal’s first Sharing Smiles Day. More info

New Facility Update

A message from Dean Allison

As many of you will know, our Faculty must leave the MGH space we currently occupy by August 31st, 2014. The University is currently working hard on our behalf to secure new space for our Faculty adjacent to the main campus. I am happy to report that negotiations are going well and a formal announcement should be forthcoming this spring. In the meantime, in the Faculty, as a team we have been working very hard on the architectural plans for the space, preparing in such a way as to best accommodate the needs of our undergraduate program, graduate training, continuing education and clinical research to continue fulfilling our mission with even greater success. This move not only involves colleagues from the MGH. It is a very exciting opportunity to bring the heart of our Faculty, including clinical and preclinical training, the Dean’s Office, and clinical and public health research all together to one new site, one new home for us all.

Thanks very much to the many people who have been providing essential feedback as we move forward with plans and thanks to Jeff Myers for all his dedicated work in leading this process. Watch this space and other communications to keep up to date with this momentous project for our Faculty.

Innovation and Excellence

Yucatan, Mexico, Feb. 2013 - Dr. Veronique Benhamou and her Kindness in Action McGill Team

From January 24th to February 8th, Dr. Veronique Benhamou (Director, Periodontics) and her McGill Kindness in Action team went to Yucatan, Mexico. Treating over 700 patients, the team performed many extractions, fillings, endodontic therapy of anterior teeth and perio treatments in addition to visiting a kindergarten school to give oral hygiene instructions and distribute toothbrushes and toothpastes. More info

Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey (Director, Orthodontics) does the ODQ-sponsored tour of Quebec providing CE on orthodontics issues, September 2012 to May 2013, every second week in 15 different cities! More info

Congratulations to Dr. Violet D’Souza, who successfully defended her PhD thesis this past Monday, entitled Information and its Importance in Head and Neck Cancer Care. Dr. D'Souza's CV

Graduate Student Akanksha Srivastava featured in Feb/March 2013 Journal de l’Ordre des Dentistes du Québec. More info

Graduate Student Khady Kha wins CADR Research Award. More info

Marc McKee, Hojatollah Vali, Jake Barralet, Maryam Tabrizian, Showan Nazhat and 5 others, Multiscale imaging and analysis of biological systems and biomaterials in nanomedicine (cryo-focused ion beam scanning electron microscope). Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the Government of Quebec / $3,765,630. Video

Petra Schweinhardt, Longitudinal brain changes after surgery and the relationship to pain and affect. Pfizer Pain Research Awards / $149,640 for 1 year

Faleh Tamimi, Jake Barralet and G. Leclair, Biocompatible inorganic nanogel system for medical applications. CIHR Proof-of-Principle Grant / $150,000 for 1 year

Faleh Tamimi and Belinda Nicolau, Prevention and treatment of hip fractures with cholinesterase inhibitors. CIHR/IMHA Priority Announcement / $100,000 for 1 year

Laura Stone, C. Ferland, M. Millecamps and M. Szyf, The intervertebral disc as a source of low back pain in humans and in animal models. CHIR Operating Grant / $132,544 per year for 5 years

G. Lavigne, Ana Velly, B. Sessle, B. Cairns and N. Rei, Collaborative Team Building Workshop Grant for Chronic OroFacial Pain. Network for Canadian Oral Health Research (NCOHR) / $25,000


Did you know?

Over the past 12 years, 20 tenure-track/tenured professors (9 female, 11 males) have been hired into the Faculty of Dentistry!  They come from Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Vietnam and Canada, and all but one are still here!


Congratulations to Dean Allison, who has been reappointed to a second five-year term as Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry. Principal & Provost’s announcement

Please take note that, until February 15th, Ms.Patricia Bassett and Ms. Maria Palumbo are located in room M/66 due to repair work taking place in their offices.
Please note that Ms. Rocchina Testa (Faculty’s FST Manager) is currently in the office only Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays until further notice.

McGill-Wide Announcements

Town hall meetings on budget cuts at McGill: watch videos and read message from the Provost
Walksafe is a free night time accompaniement service available to McGill staff, students and other residents of the Island of Montreal. More info

Volunteer musicians wanted for SSMU Musical Group. More info
Self-defence course for women taught by McGill Security Services, March 22nd-23rd, $20. More info

Call for nominations: Catalyst Awards for Sustainability for staff and students Deadline February 22th, 2013. More info

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