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Your news at the heart of your Faculty of Dentistry / Issue 8 / May 23, 2013

DMD class of 2013

Important Calendar Dates

August 19th  DMD III start date
August 13th  Returning Students registration deadline - must be done via MINERVA. More info


Roast Event 2013 - (left to right) Ann Gage, Anne-Marie Plante, Isabelle Chevrier, Marie-Andrée Lessard

May 28th  Convocation Champagne Brunch, Faculty Club, 10am

May 28th  Convocation, 2pm

May 28th  Ordre des dentists du Québec Ceremony, 5:30pm. More info

May 24th-28th  Journées Dentaires. More info

Graduate Sushi Party - (left to right) Mohamed Nur Abdallah, Maria Palumbo, Zeeshan Sheikh


Volunteer Opportunity with Dr. Retrouvey. More info

Are you interested in becoming a Summer Clinic assistant? More info

Travel Awards for the Peace Conference of Youth program (PCY) hosted by Junior Chamber International, Osaka, Japan. Deadline May 31st. More info

Professional Grant Development Workshop: Master the techniques of writing superior and winning proposals. June 19th-21st. More info

Current First Year Students, Don't miss out on a new financial aid opportunity: Moghadam Family Bursary. More info
MITACS Funding Opportunities. More info


Group Insurance and Group Annuity Plans CDSPI by May 28th. More info

Beware of phishing email aimed at McGill community members. More info

Language courses for people interested in practicing in Quebec that need to pass the Office de la langue française tests. Reminder: students need to have passed the test to apply to McGill residency programs in September of the 4th year. More info

McGill-Wide Announcements

1st Annual GIMI indoor and outdoor plant sale! June 7th. More info

Information session for researchers about how to approach foundations for research funding, June 11th. More info

McGill Reporter: Colleen Cook on changes at libraries. More info

Innovation and Excellence

At the 2013 CDA/DENTSPLY Awards Reception Cocktail - (starting from left) Hannah Kashyap, Dr. Kwong Li, Carly Jade Dool

On May 2nd, Hannah Kashyap and Carly Jade Dool represented McGill at the ODA Annual Spring Meeting in Toronto in conjunction with the CDA Annual Convention for the CDA/DENTSPLY Student Clinician Research Program. They presented their poster "Mobile Dentistry - Not Just a Perio Problem!" and showcased the prototype design of their novel mobile dental unit. They were presented with the Pierre Fauchard Academy Annual Scholarship Award for outstanding scholarship in clinical research and second prize overall for the CDA/DENTSPLY Student Clinician Program. Special thanks to their supervisor Dr. Kwong Li and Rejean Lanoue, technician, for their generosity and continued support.

Dr. Dieter Reinhardt, Canada Research Chair in Cell-Matrix Biology - Tier 1 / $200,000 per year for 7 years

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Dorion on his new positions:
  • American Dental Association: Chairman, Subcommittee on Suspected Pattern Injuries of Intraoral Origin on Humans (SPIIOH) ADA SCDI Joint Working Group 10.12 on Forensic Odontology Informatics
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences: Vice-President for 2014-2015. More info
Congratulations to Romantha Descartes, recipient of the Faculty’s 2013 Most Valuable Person Award. More info

Montreal Gazette article featuring Dr. Anthony Seminara and Dean Allison

This week's cartoon ...

Thank you to Zeeshan Sheikh, PhD Candidate & MDGSS President for this week’s cartoon

Did you know?

Did you know "walruses use their iconic long tusks for a variety of reasons, each of which makes their lives in the Arctic a bit easier. They use them to haul their enormous bodies out of frigid waters, thus their 'tooth-walking' label, and to break breathing holes into ice from below. Their tusks, which are found on both males and females, can extend to about three feet (one meter), and are, in fact, large canine teeth, which grow throughout their lives. Male walruses, or bulls, also employ their tusks aggressively to maintain territory and, during mating season, to protect their harems of females, or cows" (National Geographic. More info).

(21 September 1999) Antje the Walrus allows animal handler Dirk Stutzki to give her teeth a good clean at the Hagenbeck Animal Park in Hamburg (Picture: EPA)

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