Special Convocation Issue / June 3rd, 2019


Congratulations to all 2019 graduates! 

See all the photos from the Convocation Luncheon.




Irina Elena Gulerez, Alexa Patoine, Daniel Richmond, Yu Jia Zhu




Jiye Lee, Heather Lynn Skeoch, Nishath Syed, Thanh Phuong Trinh, Ying Yin



Raul Garcia Arroyo

  • *Academy Of General Dentistry’s Senior Dental Student Award, academic scholastic balance between clinical and didactic basis courses of study and outstanding attributes conducive to exceptionally fine doctor-patient relationships



Estelle Azzi

  • Dr. James Mccutcheon Medal, outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship and professional achievement throughout the four years



Julie Cai

  • *Prix De La Fondation De L’ordre Des Dentistes Du Québec, ($300), awarded to a meritorious student who demonstrates compassion in providing oral health care to disadvantaged people within the community and who understands and values the importance of the FODQ mission



Rochelle Flanagan

  • *American Academy Of Periodontology Student Award,
    highest level of academic and clinical achievement related to periodontics
  • *Prix de professionalisme de l'Académie dentaire du Québec,
    outstanding qualities of respect for others, compassion and dedication and initiative in providing oral health care to the community



Amélie Fournier 

  • *American Dental Society of Anesthesiology’s Horace Wells Senior Student Award, awarded for proficiency in the field of dental anesthesiology excellence in the academic and clinical aspects of the DMD program


Irina Gulerez

  • McGill Alumnae Society Prize,
    excellence and high academic standing 



Magdalena Klus

  • *American College of Dentists, Outstanding Student Leader Award, outstanding scholastic performance and demonstrated leadership



Mallory Laframboise

  • *Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Norman Levine Undergraduate Dental Student Award, awarded to a student who demonstrates aptitude and passion for the field of pediatric dentistry and/or dentistry for persons with special needs
  • *American Association of Public Health Dentistry,
    special interest and achievement in community dentistry and dental public health


Rachel Lin

  • *Dr. Paul A. Marchand And Maurine Mcneil Marchand Prize, highest degree of professionalism in patient management



Christian Loo

  • *American College of Prosthodontics Predoctoral Student Prosthodontic Achievement Award, awarded to an outstanding graduating student for excellence in prosthodontics



Leonardo Nassani

  • *3M ESPE Student Clinical Award,  excellence and superior aptitude in the use of conservative restorative materials in the final year of the clinical undergraduate program



Mattew Oueis

  • Canadian Dental Association Student Leadership Award, outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, character and humanity



Alexa Patoine

  • Dr. J.K. Carver Award, second highest overall standing in the four years of the dental undergraduate program
  • *American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Award, aptitude and achievement in oral and maxillofacial pathology 



Murali Ramamoorthi

  • Prix Micheline Blain, ACDQ Prize, serving the interests of colleagues throughout the university years



Daniel Richmond

  • Dr. A.W. Thornton Medal, highest overall standing in the four years of the undergraduate program
  • Prix Aldis Bernard, highest overall standing in the four years of the dental undergraduate program
  • *American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Award, most promise in pediatric dentistry
  • *Dr. André Charest Prize, highest standing in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • *American Academy of Implant Dentistry Undergraduate Dental Student Award, awarded for the most interest, academically and clinically, in implant dentistry
  • *American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Award, special interest and accomplishment in oral and maxillofacial radiology


Bianca Saban

  • Prix d'excellence Jean Robert Vincent,
    exceptional commitment to geriatric dentistry



Heather Skeoch

  • *Pierre Fauchard Academy Senior Student Award, awarded for excellence in the academic and clinical aspects of the DMD program



Edward Trinh

  • *Canadian Academy of Periodontology Award of Excellence,
    outstanding dental student in the field of periodontology



Thanh Phuong Trinh

  • Dr. A.L. Walsh Prize, meritorious achievement in oral medicine throughout the clinical years
  • Dr. A. Gerald Racey Prize, excellence in oral and maxillofacial surgery



David Wu

  • Dr. Marvin and Mandy Werbitt Award in Periodontics, outstanding personal initiative and a strong academic standing throughout the four year undergraduate program



Nadine Zaki

  • Dr. W.G. Leahy Prize, meritorious achievement in clinical dentistry throughout the clinical years
  • *Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics Scholar Award, awarded for highest standing in the disciplines of both Operative and Prosthodontics
  • *American Association of Orthodontics Award, exceptional interest in the development of the Oro-Facial Complex
  • *American Association of Endodontics' Student Achievement Award in Endodontics, highest level of achievement related to Endodontics



Yu Jia Zhu

  • Dr. Soo Kim Lan Prize in Dentistry, outstanding graduating student who is entering a Residency Program
  • *American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Student Award, 
    outstanding performance in undergraduate study and clinical training in the area of oral and maxillofacial surgery and anesthesiology


* Awards given by various associations and not official McGill University awards.



The Faculty of Dentistry is awarding two PhD students its first
Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for the academic year 2018-9;
introducing its first two recipients:



Sreenath Arekunath Madathil, 

"Life Course Behavioural Risk Factors of Head and Neck Cancers: A Bayesian Approach"



Nioushah Nioushi

Shahrokh Esfandiari Graduate Award, awarded for social equity, diversity, and community service


Nicholas Mikolajewicz,

"Purinergic Mechanotransduction in Bone”




Ayushi Ayushi & Shrutika Kambli,

Non-Thesis Graduation Award, awarded for academic merit to non-thesis graduate students




Dr. Frances Power

W.W. Wood Award,
excellence in Dental Education



Dr. Firoozeh Samim

Howard S. Katz Excellence in Teaching Award, superior teaching at the undergraduate level in the Faculty of Dentistry



Dr. Omid Kiarash

*American Academy of Periodontology Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring in Periodontics Award, commitment to excellence in providing education in the full scope of clinical periodontics, and relaying that enthusiasm to students





Omar Alageel

“Optimization of Removable Partial Dentures”


Dimitra Athanasiadou

“Nanostructure of calcareous biominerals and osteopontin”


Alaa Mansour

“Biomimetic Dicalcium Phosphate Cements for Improved Bone Regeneration”


Nicholas Mikolajewicz

“Purinergic mechanotransduction in bone”





Ayushi Ayushi


Shrutika Kambli


Pavneet Saini


Anjali Sharma


Ashwini Srinivas


Teia Ullman



List of DMD Graduates


  • Melanie Allard
  • Estelle Azzi
  • Shalom Benzaquen
  • Neven Bosiljcic
  • Julie Cai
  • Xavier Demers
  • Jonathan Farmer
  • Rochelle Flanagan
  • Amélie Fournier
  • Raul Garcia Arroyo
  • Irina Gulerez
  • Manelli Hoodfar
  • Magdalena Klus
  • Mallory Laframboise
  • Caroline Lee
  • Rachel Lin
  • Christian Loo
  • Maria Mariani Zoppi
  • Leonardo Nassani
  • Matthew Oueis
  • Alexa Patoine
  • Murali Ramamoorthi
  • Daniel Richmond
  • Bianca Saban
  • Harish Sarma
  • Peter Servinis
  • Margareta Sikorski
  • Heather Skeoch
  • Matthew Stotland
  • Nishath Syed
  • Haw Yin Trinh
  • Thanh Phuong Trinh
  • David Wu
  • Melissa Xie
  • Ying Yin
  • Nadin Zaki
  • Wen Xuan Zhao
  • Victoria Zhao
  • Yu Jia Zhu


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