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Your news at the heart of your Faculty of Dentistry / Issue 68 /June 16th, 2016

2016 Most Valuable Person Award: Linda Harrison and Rocchina Test

Congratulations to Linda Harrison and Rocchina Testa! Both of them earned the 2016 Most Valuable Person Award. This well-deserved title reflects their dedication to our Faculty, students and staff. Read more about their challenges and achievements here.


Science Exposed

The jury has selected the top 20 images for Science Exposed, the first installment of the NSERC's science image contest. Researchers from an array of disciplines captured these images, which represent their work in an impactful and visual way. We invite you to vote for your favourite image to determine which one will receive the 2016 People's choice award: find an image by Wenge Jiang and Marc D. McKee at number 7!

Outstanding Alumnus Award Goes to Dr. Yu Kwong Li

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Faculty of Dentistry Outstanding Alumnus Award Dr. Yu Kwong Li, Clinical Director of the Faculty’s Mobile Clinic! Dr. Li has provided and continues to provide outstanding service to the students and colleagues who work with underrepresented patients in the Montreal community. Read the interview here.

Photos from the Annual Staff Dinner

Sending our most heartfelt Thank-You to Michelle Dion for organizing yet another wonderful Annual Staff Dinner party. About 75 people were in attendance last week at Philinos. View some photos of the event on our Facebook page, curtesy of Julie Dracoulacou.

Student Excellence

Murali Ramamoorthi Wins FRSQ Doctoral Training Award

Congratulations to recent M.Sc. graduate and current Ph.D. student Murali Ramamoorthi! Supervised by Dr. Simon Tran, Murali has been awarded a Doctoral Training Award by the Fond de Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ) for his research project "Mitigating Radiation Induced Damage to Salivary Glands by Radiopaque Radiosensitizing Nanoparticle Formulation".

Omar Sabsoob’s Award-Winner Poster Presentation

Congratulations to Master’s student Omar Sabsoob! His poster presentation "Factors Associated with Acute and Chronic Painful Temporomandibular Disorders" earned him the Réseau en Santé Buccodentaire et Osseuse (RSBO) Best Poster Presentation Award on March 11th, and the Pain Joint Retreat 2016 Best Poster Presentation Award in April 2016.

Drs. Julie Cyr, Imad Sallaleh and Anthony Mikhayel receive the Dr. Yu Kwong Li Award for Excellent Patient Care in the GPR Progra

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Cyr (McGill DMD 2015), Dr. Imad Sallaleh and Dr. Anthony Mikhayel for the outstanding work they have done in the GPR Program this year. The award, given to all three doctors, recognizes the excellent quality of clinical care they have provided to patients as dental residents. Prizes
were given at the Montreal Cocktail on May 30th.

In and Around the Faculty

MDGSS Hosts Seminar Featuring Bioengineering Expert

On May 19th, in conjunction with the 10th World Biomaterials Congress, the MDGSS hosted a seminar with special speaker Dr. David Mooney, of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Wyss Institute, Harvard University. See some photos of the event here.


Faculty of Dentistry’s Presence at the Canadian Science Festival

This year's Canada-Wide Science Festival was held at McGill, bringing together hundreds of Canadian high-school students eager to make a difference in the scientific world. Dr. Svetlana Komarova was in charge of representing our Faculty at the Festival, and took part in judging the participants' research. Read her recap here.

In their own words: Hon Doc offers invaluable advice

Edwin Fuller Torrey, a McGill Alumnus, has distinguished himself through a lifelong commitment to improving mental illness research, mental health care, and as an early proponent of the biological basis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Watch or re-watch this year’s Health Sciences Convocation. Address on YouTube.

In the News

Cell Transplant Tested as Treatment for Nerve Pain in Mice

A new study in mice suggests that scientists may someday be able to treat nerve pain by transplanting embryonic nerve cells to restore a broken nervous system. Laura Stone, assistant professor at McGill University's Alan Edwards Center for Research on Pain in Montreal, praised the study. Read more on MedicineNet.

La Galerie Dentaire : De Nouveaux Services!

«Parfois, les patients sont atteints de démence et il faut les soigner pour des dommages à leurs gencives ou d’autres maux, il faut y aller avec beaucoup de tact et d’indulgence car ils ne comprennent souvent pas ce qu’on fait», souligne la Dre Marina DeSousa qui a eu son diplôme de l’Université McGill, il y a trois ans. Lisez l’article dans Fugues.

Des Soins Pour Tous!

In the edition of June 15th of L’Itinéraire, you will find an article about affordable and accessible care featuring Dr. Paul Sweet and recent graduate Dr. Janick Decoste. Find out more here.




Throwback: Roddick Gates open

May 28, 1925 – The Roddick Memorial Gates officially opened at McGill University. 

Read more on CBC.




Posting for a Research Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Marc McKee, Faculty of Dentistry

The CIHR Pathways Implementation Research Team (IRT) Grant funding opportunity (Component 2, 2016) supports population health interventions that have the potential to impact health and health equity at a population level across the life course. To apply, visit Team Grant: Pathways IRT - Component 2 (2016).The deadline for submitting a full application is October 4, 2016.

NCOHR has grant preparation funds available to support researchers to prepare research grants submissions at the national or international level. The focus of the grant submission must be oral health. No submission deadline.

Graduate Trainee Funding Opportunities


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