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Issue 96 / June 1st, 2018


Congratulations to all 2018 graduates! 





Martine Anderson, Melinda Barmash, Melissa Couto, Marie-Chantale Farhat





Paula Ginelle Balisi, Ovadia Chocran, Crystal Foung, Lillian Han, Marie-Alice Pellerin, Thea Worthylake, Michelle Yau, Lucie Yin




Marie-Chantale Farhat

  • DR. A.W. THORNTON MEDAL, highest overall standing in the four years of the undergraduate program
  • DR. W.G. LEAHY PRIZE, meritorious achievement in clinical dentistry throughout the clinical years
  • DR. A. GERALD RACEY PRIZE, excellence in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • PRIX D’EXCELLENCE JEAN ROBERT VINCENT, exceptional commitment to geriatric dentistry
  • DR. A.L. WALSH PRIZE, meritorious achievement in oral medicine throughout the clinical years
  • PRIX ALDIS BERNARD, highest overall standing in the four years of the dental undergraduate program
  • *DR. ANDRÉ CHAREST PRIZE, highest standing in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • *PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY’S SENIOR STUDENT AWARD OF RECOGNITION, for excellence in the academic and clinical aspects of the DMD program
  • *AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL PATHOLOGY AWARD, aptitude and achievement in oral and maxillofacial pathology





Martine Anderson

  • McGill ALUMNAE SOCIETY PRIZE, excellence and high academic standing 
  • DR. PAUL A. MARCHAND and MAURINE McNEIL MARCHAND PRIZE, highest degree of professionalism in patient management
  • *AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORAL BIOLOGISTS – ORAL BIOLOGY AWARD, high academic achievement with particular emphasis placed on achievement in basic science courses





Melinda Barmash

  • DR. SOO KIM LAN PRIZE IN DENTISTRY, outstanding graduating student who is entering a Residency Program





Michelle Yau


  • *AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PROSTHODONTISTS PREDOCTORAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, awarded to an outstanding graduating student for excellence in prosthodontics
  • *AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH DENTISTRY AWARD, special interest and achievement in community dentistry and dental public health
  • *AMERICAN DENTAL SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGY’S HORACE WELLS SENIOR STUDENT AWARD, awarded for proficiency in the field of dental anesthesiology excellence in the academic and clinical aspects of the DMD program





Thea Worthylake

  • *ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY’S SENIOR DENTAL STUDENT AWARD, academic scholastic balance between clinical and didactic basis courses of study and outstanding attributes conducive to exceptionally fine doctor-patient relationships



Ryan Siciliano

  • DR. JAMES McCUTCHEON MEDAL, outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship and professional achievement throughout the four years
  • PRIX MICHELINE-BLAIN – ACDQ PRIZE, serving the interests of colleagues throughout the university years
  • *AMERICAN COLLEGE OF DENTISTS - OUTSTANDING STUDENT LEADER AWARD, outstanding scholastic performance and demonstrated leadership





Lillian Han

  • DR. MARVIN AND MANDY WERBITT AWARD IN PERIODONTICS, outstanding personal initiative and a strong academic standing throughout the four year undergraduate program





Krystal Major

  • *PRIX DE LA FONDATION DE L’ORDRE DES DENTISTES DU QUÉBEC, awarded to a meritorious student who demonstrates compassion in providing oral health care to disadvantaged people within the community and who understands and values the importance of the FODQ mission





Amina Bouzid

  • *AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY AWARD, most promise in pediatric dentistry





Crystal Foung

  • *AMERICAN ACADEMY OF IMPLANT DENTISTRY UNDERGRADUATE DENTAL STUDENT AWARD, awarded for the most interest, academically and clinically, in implant dentistry





Emma van de Wetering

  • *AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PERIODONTOLOGY STUDENT AWARD, highest level of academic and clinical achievement related to Periodontics





Marie-Alice Pellerin

  • *AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY AWARD, special interest and accomplishment in oral and maxillofacial radiology




Melissa Couto

  • DR. J.K. CARVER AWARD, second highest overall standing in the four years of the dental undergraduate program
  • *AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEONS DENTAL STUDENT AWARD, outstanding performance in undergraduate study and clinical training in the area of oral and maxillofacial surgery and anesthesiology
  • *AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODONTISTS AWARD, exceptional interest in the development of the oro-facial complex




Yusuf Bakkali Tahiri

  • *PRIX DE L’ACADÉMIE DENTAIRE DU QUÉBEC – PRIX DE PROFESSIONNALISME, outstanding qualities of respect for others, compassion and dedication and initiative in providing oral health care to the community





Chrissa Zarafonitis

  • CANADIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD, outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, character and humanity






Gabrielle Icho

  • *CANADIAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY DR. NORMAN LEVINE UNDERGRADUATE DENTAL STUDENT AWARD, aptitude and passion for the field of pediatric dentistry and dentistry for persons with special needs





Miriam Laleg

  • *CANADIAN ACADEMY OF RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY AND PROSTHODONTICS SCHOLAR AWARD, awarded for highest academic and clinical standing in the disciplines of both Operative and Prosthodontics





Marla Kabawat


  • *CANADIAN ACADEMY OF PERIODONTOLOGY AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, outstanding in the field of periodontology
  • *THE 3M ORAL CARE STUDENT CLINICAL AWARD, excellence and superior aptitude in the use of conservative restorative materials in the final year of the clinical undergraduate program





* Awards given by various associations and not official McGill University awards.







W.W. Wood Award, excellence in Dental Education





The Howard S. Katz Excellence in Teaching Award, superior teaching at the undergraduate level in the Faculty of Dentistry





*AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PERIODONTOLOGY OUTSTANDING TEACHING AND MENTORING IN PERIODONTICS AWARD, commitment to excellence in providing education in the full scope of clinical periodontics, and relaying that enthusiasm to students





Betty Hoac

“Enzymatic modifications of osteopontin and their role in mineralization”


Mark Keboa

“Understanding oral health and dental care pathways of refugees and asylum seekers in Montreal”


Juliana Marulanda Montoya

“Mechanistic studies on MGP-deficient mice: A model for Keutel syndrome”





Amina Abomriga

“Between struggle and hope: Understanding the oral care experiences of children living with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD); A parent’s perspective”

Mehrnoosh Alborzi

“Dental care for people living with HIV, a phenomenological approach”

Mabrouka Almatlub

“Comparing the effectiveness of different scaffolds (ceramic scaffolds, polymers scaffolds, composite scaffolds, native scaffolds, and metal scaffolds) in regenerating critical sized mandibular bone defect”


Sarra Gibreel

“What is the meaning of living with chronic temporomandibular disorder pain in Qatar? A qualitative interpretive phenomenological exploration”


Jessica Italia

“Living with chronic orofacial pain through a social relational lens: A qualitative phenomenological exploration”


Li-Chieh Lin

“A new tool in human salivary gland research: the SMG-hu-1 cell line”

Pooja Malik

“Parents' experiences regarding the use of papoose boards on their children during dental services”

Eman Shanna

“Development of a questionnaire on home caregivers' oral health care activities and practices”




Joydeep Arneja


Neelakshi Pandey


Priyanka Prajapati



Graduate Award


Ninoska Enriques

Shahrokh Esfandiari Graduate Award, awarded for social equity, diversity and community service





List of DMD Graduates


  • Maral Aghourian Namagerdy
  • Martine Anderson
  • Nida Ashraf
  • Safa Asif
  • Yusuf Bakkali Tahiri
  • Paula Ginelle Balisi
  • Melinda Barmash
  • Amina Bouzid
  • Anthea Chang
  • Allen Chen
  • Ovadia Chocron
  • Melissa Couto
  • Vanessa Del Vecchio
  • Adham Fares
  • Marie-Chantale Farhat
  • Crystal Foung
  • Lillian Han
  • Gabriel Icho
  • Marla Kabawat
  • Ali Khodadad-Hossaini
  • Miriam Laleg
  • Jun Li
  • Bahar Madani
  • Krystal Major
  • Aparna Narvekar
  • Marie-Alice Pellerin
  • Alexandra Rabalski
  • Sonia Rampersad
  • Caitilin Reinke
  • Ryan Siciliano
  • Samantha Suissa
  • Lindsey Tink
  • Emma van de Wetering
  • Thea Worthylake
  • Kevin Yang
  • Michelle Yau
  • Lucie Yin
  • Chrissoula Zarafonitis


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