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News and Events | Issue 5, 2021



Here comes the (Ocean) Blob

The two-year heatwave known as the Blob may have temporarily jammed the Pacific Ocean’s biological pump, an important process that absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide. Marine heatwaves will be one of the biggest challenges of climate change, say UBC researchers.






35 new gravitational wave observations

A global team of scientists, including UBC astronomers, have detected 35 new gravitational wave events, including colliding black holes and neutron stars.





New insights on food shortage for BC’s summering whales

New findings suggest that the food shortage for southern resident killer whales is probably not occurring during the summertime when they traditionally feed in the Salish Sea.





The Salish Sea in a Warming World
UBC researchers discuss how a warming world could impact our local waterways.
November 30




The Curious World of Seaweed
New exhibit explores seaweed as a source of scientific and artistic inspiration.




Crack a book open
The UBC online book club is an easy way to connect with fellow alumni and avid readers. Check out our current book pick.





A full picture of rivers

UBC freshwater fish expert Dr. Eric Taylor (PhD '89) has penned Rivers Run Through Us: A Natural and Human History of Great Rivers of North America. He explains the importance of looking at rivers through a wide lens, weaving together social and ecological stories.






Ecological champion recognized with alumni award

Dr. Eric Peterson (BSc'72, MSc'75) has been recognized with a UBC Alumni Award of Distinction. In 1991, Dr. Peterson founded Mitra, a pioneering medical imagining company. Together with his wife, Christina Munck, he went on to establish the Tula Foundation and the Hakai Institute. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, he maintains a life-long interest in spaces where science, technology and social purpose overlap.




  • Dr. Terry Snutch has been awarded the 2021 Bill and Marilyn Webber Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • UBC researcher Dr. Malabika Pramanik was named a fellow of the 2022 class of the American Mathematical Society.

  • Dr. Daniel Pauly, the world’s most-cited fisheries scientist, released his autobiography, The Ocean’s Whistleblower.

  • Physicist Dr. Andrea Damascelli was elected as a Max Planck Graduate Centre Fellow.





Using AI to predict the next designer drug

UBC computer scientists have trained computers to predict new designer drugs before they hit the market—technology that could save lives.



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