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News and Events | Issue 4, 2022

Mars lander


Mars lander beds down for the big sleep

UBC’s Dr. Catherine Johnson explains why, after four years studying the red planet, NASA’s InSight robot lander is shutting down.


Cannabis leaf


(Almost) everything we know about cannabis cells is wrong

New research by UBC botanists reveal the “tricks” cannabis cells use to pump out massive quantities of THC.


Herd of elk



Mapping connects the dots on biodiversity protection

First-ever maps of the world’s critical wildlife connectivity corridors could bolster conservation efforts.





Orcas go hungry, impeding population growth

Declines in Chinook salmon stocks have caused energy deficits in southern resident killer whales, say UBC fisheries researchers.


Ilsa Cooke video

New faculty

Meet astrochemist Dr. Ilsa Cooke who studies how molecules form hundreds of light years away in the gigantic clouds of dust and ice that are the birthplace of stars.


"We Are Not Like Them"


Alumni Book Club
Join UBC’s online discussion of We Are Not Like Them, a novel that explores questions of race through an enduring friendship.

October 14



UBC Homecoming


Join us at UBC Homecoming
Enjoy free admission to UBC’s natural history collections and celebrate the launch of UBC’s alumni engagement campaign.
September 24



Dr. Andrew Granville


Primes, postdocs and pretentiousness
CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize winner Dr. Andrew Granville on the future of prime numbers research, and his team's contributions.
September 28


Liquid mirror telescope



New liquid-mirror telescope spins high in the Himalayas

A new telescope operating on technology perfected at UBC will give astronomy students access to stellar data.



Planet Earth



New courses at UBC tackle real world problems

New classes focus on climate change, community partnerships, data visualization, and non-animal testing methods.




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