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How do I access my exam accommodations for Fall 2020?
What does the exam registration process look like for Fall 2020?
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How do I access my
exam accommodations for Fall 2020?


To access your authorized exam accommodations, you must register using the OSD exam sign-up form prior to the appropriate deadline.


Note that time-based accommodations do not apply in the following scenarios:

  1. If my class has been given 48 hours or more to complete the assessment;

  2. If my class has been given at least double the expected duration to complete the assessment (i.e. if my midterm is designed to be completed in 1 hour and the entire class is given 2 hours to complete it).


There may be exceptional circumstances in which other disability-related accommodations may still be needed. If you feel this is the case for you, please reach out to OSD via email at exams.osd@mcgill.ca. We will assess the situation and coordinate with your instructor when necessary.


What does the exam registration
process look like for Fall 2020?


    are required to:

    Complete the exam sign-up form at least 7 days prior to the date of the timed assessment
    (quiz, midterm, test, etc.)


    Once the schedule for

    Fall 2020 finals is posted, complete the exam sign-up form by November 23, 2020 for your final exams.


    Exam sign-up form for all students (except UGME)


    Exam sign-up form for UGME students only

    are required to:

    1. Communicate details pertaining all relevant assessments in the course with the OSD Exam Centre


    2. Set up the parameters to implement students’ approved accommodations as guided by the OSD


    3. Communicate directly with students prior to the assessment to inform them of any modifications to their exam (format, start time, or duration), so that students may prepare accordingly.


    OSD Exam Centre
    is required to:

    1. Verify students' exam accommodations


    2. Inform instructor or exam administrator of time-based accommodations for the approved students in the course 3 business days prior to the assessment


    3. Proctor in-person exams for students with requiring specific accommodations (specialized software and/or equipment) for the Faculties of Medicine & of Nursing, only.


    My instructor is holding multiple
    quizzes this semester.

    Do I have to register with a new
    exam sign-up form each time?


    * NEW *


    Starting this fall, you can request exam accommodations for all of your quizzes within the same course code by completing a single exam sign-up form.


    Just click on "Other upcoming assessments" on the exam sign-up form and input the date of your upcoming quiz, or the earliest date that your quiz will be available to you.



    I was informed that my
    time-based accommodations have been built into my assessment duration.

    What does this mean?

    This semester, many instructors have opted to increase the available time to complete timed assessments for all students. For example, according to the assessment regulations within the Faculty of Science, students in Science Departments must be allowed at least double time plus 30 minutes from the starting time for completion of the exam.


    Applying principles of Universal Design for Learning, such as increasing the exam completion time for all, ensures access to course content for most learners, thereby reducing the need for specific time accommodations. If you have any questions, please contact the OSD Exam Centre.


    Virtual presentation: Accommodations in a Remote Learning Environment


    Gift Tshuma, Access Services Advisor, and Rakhee Chowdhury, Exam Centre Manager, hosted a virtual presentation on August 21st, 2020, to offer students registered with the OSD with an overview of accommodations in a remote learning environment.


    To view the presentation, click here.


    Virtual Meet & Greet:
    Meet the OSD Exam Centre staff!


    With the continuation of the remote learning environment for the Fall 2020 term, the team at the OSD Exam Centre created a video to engage with new and returning students!


    To meet our Exam Centre Team, click here.




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