Fall 2021
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Dear students,


Welcome back, we hope you had a restful and relaxing summer break! As we return to campus, the OSD is committed to ensuring that you have the necessary information needed to access your accommodations and consult important information.

To this end, our team has put together a list of resources for you!


In this message: Tips to remain on track | In Person Exams | Additional resources for students | Paid Research Opportunities

your accommodations! 


After meeting with an Access Services Advisor, you would have received an email (to your McGill email address) detailing the accommodations that are part of your Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP).

If you are unsure of the accommodations you established with an OSD advisor, search your inbox and re-read that email before the start of the semester. 

Register for exam accommodations early!


To get an early start with your exam accommodations, please complete the exam sign-up form as soon as your syllabus is ready! You can request exam accommodations for ALL of your in-person and online timed assessments within the same course code by completing a single exam sign-up form. Click on "Other upcoming assessments" and input the release date of your assessment.





For all timed in-person and online assessments, students who are eligible for exam accommodations with the OSD must complete the exam sign up form a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the assessment. For final in-person and online exams, the sign up deadline is Friday November 5th, 2021.

Book an appointment with an advisor! 


If you wish to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please consult our Contact Us page to see our appointment offerings. We now have appointments available on campus or virtually!

Stay organized! 


The Tutorial Services website contains videos, apps, worksheets and other tools to enhance your academic skill development. They also offer webinars to support you in building the skills you need to succeed. These are available both on-demand and live through myInvolvement.


Like us on Facebook to stay connected with the OSD and receive updates on job opportunities, accessibility resources, and other campus initiatives!


Ask questions! 


The OSD website contains a detailed general FAQ page that can respond to the majority of students' questions. This page is updated frequently as new information becomes available.

If you have a more specific question, do not hesitate to reach out to our front-line team via email.

Be aware of timelines!


Please note that certain requests are time-sensitive.

For more information about exam accommodations, note-taking support, reasonable consideration requests to professors, please review the instructions on the OSD website. 

In-person exams


For those of you who have in-person exams this fall, the OSD Exam Centre will reopen as of August 30th, to host in-person exams – don't forget to review our exam deadlines above and sign up early! We will be adhering to all safety measures and protocols in place by McGill University.


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OSD Exam Updates for Fall 2021


For all timed in-person and online assessments, students who are eligible for exam accommodations with the OSD must complete the exam sign up form  a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the assessment.  For final in-person and online exams, the sign-up deadline is Friday November 5th, 2021.


Once you sign up, you will receive an automatic reply confirming that your exam sign-up request has been successfully submitted with instructions on the next steps. For in-person assessments, you will receive an email message one business day prior to the assessment informing you of the exam location.


If you have missed the deadline to register for accommodation, we ask that you use this email template to contact the OSD Exam Centre and make a late request as soon as possible (please make sure to enter your course code in the email subject line and fill in all the information listed). Late requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 


The stop watch accommodation will now be applied in the same way for both in-person and online exams to create a consistent experience for students.


Note that time-based accommodations do not apply to exams that are 48 hours or more in duration, or that have been accessibly designed to incorporate additional time in the scheduled exam duration.  


For more information, please visit the OSD General FAQ page and review any email announcements from the OSD you may have missed. 

Additional resources for students






myInvolvement is your one-stop to see all the workshops and webinars that are happening at McGill.

There are workshops for learning skills, activities, Meditation, Presenting Powerpoints, and many more!

Check them out and be sure to press the load more button at the end of the page to see upcoming events.

Teaching and Learning Services


Someone sitting in front of an open laptop


TLS has a number of Learning Resources to help students stay on track throughout the semester.

Paid research opportunities


Jumping Elephants is looking for research participants for online market research!


Join our participant pool to gain access to exclusive paid research opportunities and share your thoughts on how we can improve online accessibility of information and services. Our firm has paid over 800 participants an average of $70 CAD per 45-60 minute interview, and no prior research experience is required!


Follow the link to sign up or contact us.

Visit the archives to take a look at past emails.


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