Winter 2020
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Sent on behalf of Teri Phillips, Director, Office for Students with Disabilities.


Dear Colleagues,


Please find below a message that we would appreciate you disseminating to your faculty members and instructors on behalf of the OSD.


In the coming months, you will likely be working with the OSD Exam Center as we collaborate to proctor exams on behalf of your Faculty, for students registered with the OSD who receive exam-based accommodation. We would like to take the opportunity to highlight some information that may be helpful to you in this process:



  1. The Exam Instructions for OSD form is to be completed for each exam that a student will be writing with the OSD. You only need to submit one form, per exam, per course – regardless of how many students sign up to write with the OSD. This will allow us to collect the information we need in order to administer the exam appropriately on your behalf and on the behalf of your Faculty;
  2. The section on Exam information for Faculty and Staff has been updated on the OSD’s website with  information about how the OSD proctors accommodated exams;
  3. In order to properly administer your exams, we require you to submit a copy of your exam to the OSD Exam Office a minimum of 3 business days in advance of your scheduled exam. This advanced period is required for administrative purposes, and also allows our technicians to make any disability-related technical modifications (e.g. enlarged print, or other alternate format). In special cases (such as when we need to have an exam modified to Braille), we will be in touch with you much earlier in order to facilitate this process.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or would like additional information regarding the OSD Exam Center’s functions and services. You may contact our Exam Center Manager, Rakhee Chowdhury, directly at or 514-398-1508.




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This message was sent to you by the Office for Students with Disabilities

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