May 5, 2022
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Dear students,


As a registered service user with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), we want you to give you an opportunity to help us choose a new name for the office.


For many years, Student Services has received feedback from students, parents, faculty and staff that the current name of the OSD does not reflect current terminology in the community and that we should adopt a more inclusive name. We agree and we have begun the renaming process. It is important to us that our services are clear, inclusive and empowering for all students, and this starts with the service’s name.


We do, however, understand that there are many different points of view on what terminology is the most appropriate, and we want to be respectful of this diversity. One way to respect this diversity is to describe the services we offer rather than the populations we serve.


We also want to account for the fact that the range of accessibility and learner support services we offer has grown. Services offered to students with documented disabilities are at the heart of what we do; our commitment and funding of these services has not changed. Beyond that, though, we have continued to develop services for students who may not require traditional peer-to-peer tutoring or an official, government-mandated accommodation who would still benefit from additional support. Also, services offered by Tutorial Services have now been offered through the OSD for several years. We want our new name to describe all of these services more accurately and better reflect the empowerment-focused approach we have taken over the past few years.


We would like to choose a new name as soon as possible, and we are proposing three similar options. The core of what we do is providing accessibility services and supporting a diverse audience of learners, and these possible names reflect this:


  • Learner Accessibility & Support Services
  • Office for Learner Access & Support
  • Student Accessibility & Learner Support

However, we see your creativity in action every day and we have no doubt that you might have better ideas! We’d like to encourage you to provide feedback on these names, or to propose other options. We’ve created an online form for your feedback. You may choose to remain anonymous, but if you have a great idea and you provide your name, we’d love to recognize your contribution!


OSD & Tutorial Services - Office Renaming Feedback Form:


Please provide your feedback no later than Friday, May 20th, 2022. We look forward to sharing the final decision with you next semester.


Yours sincerely,


Martine Gauthier, Executive Director, Services for Students

Catherine Loiselle, Interim Director, Office for Students with Disabilities

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