Fall 2020
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Dear students,


As we all prepare for a continuation of the remote learning environment for the Fall 2020 term, the OSD is committed to ensure that accessibility is prioritized during these ever-changing times. Rest assured that accommodations will be available and in place in an online learning and assessment environment.


To this end, our team has put together a list of resources for students registered with the OSD.


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Tips to remain on track this semester | In-person appointments
Additional resources - Remote Student Life, Teaching and Learning Services, Fitness Access McGill

Tips to remain on track this semester

  1. Know your accommodations! After meeting with an Access Services Advisor, you would have received an email (to your McGill email address) detailing the accommodations that are part of your Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP). If you are unsure of the accommodations you established with an OSD advisor, search your inbox and re-read that email before the start of the semester. 

  2. Ask questions! The OSD website contains a new detailed FAQ page that can respond to the majority of students' questions. This page is updated frequently as new information becomes available. If you have a more specific question, do not hesitate to reach out to our front line team via email.

  3. Book and appointment with an advisor! Now that you are registered with the OSD, if you have additional questions or need to adjust your accommodation plan, you can contact us to book a quick 15-minute virtual drop-in appointment or a 30-minute returning student appointment.
    COMING SOON! Students will soon be able to book appointments online - more information to come in the coming weeks!

  4. Be aware of timelines! Please note that certain accommodations are time-sensitive. For more information about exam accommodations, note-taking support, reasonable consideration requests to ,professors, please review the instructions on the OSD website. 

  5. Make sure to register for your exam accommodations! Students who are eligible for exam accommodations with the OSD must complete the online exam sign up form a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of the assessment. The OSD Exam Centre will then communicate your accommodations to your course instructor or exam administrator, so that they can modify the online exam parameters accordingly.

  6. Stay organized! The Tutorial Services website contains videos, apps, worksheets and other tools. They also offer webinars to support you in building the skills you need to succeed.

  7. Like us on Facebook if you would like to stay connected with the OSD and receive updates on job opportunities, accessibility resources, and other campus initiatives!

In-person appointments

The OSD will have a limited on-campus presence for Fall 2020 and will adhere to all
safety measures and protocols in place by McGill University.


In-person meeting with an
Access Services Advisor



While the OSD is mainly offering virtual services and support at this time,
we will be open for pre-booked on-campus appointments on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

at our advising office,
1010 Sherbrooke West, Suite 410.


Only students with a scheduled appointment will be permitted to enter the office and
must wear a mask or face covering
throughout their appointment.


To book an in-person advising appointment, please reach out to our frontline team
via email. 



In-person exams for the
Faculties of Medicine and of Nursing


Picture of the front door to the OSD office


As the Faculties of Medicine and of Nursing prepare to host in-person examinations this fall, only students requiring specific accommodations (specialized software and/or equipment) will write their exam at the Exam Centre. If this applies to you, you will be contacted directly by a staff member of the OSD Exam Centre prior to the date of your scheduled exam. All other in-person exam accommodations for students registered with the OSD will be coordinated and proctored by their Faculties.


If you anticipate needing accommodations for Medicine or Nursing exams, please fill out the appropriate exam sign-up form (for UGME students, for Nursing and Med-P students) as soon as possible.


Additional resources for students


Remote Student Life Website


Woman works on computer at home


Find resources and information to help you navigate McGill from your living room—whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, living in Montreal or across the globe.


A new website is now live, bringing together all the information you may need to engage in remote student life at McGill this fall, and beyond!

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS)

Someone sitting in front of an open laptop


TLS has developed a Guide to Getting the Most Out of myCourses Discussion Forums video that encourages students to engage in discussions to deepen their understanding of course content, expand their thinking, and connect with classmates.

Fitness Access
McGill (FAM)



FAM is a program that helps and supports McGill students with physical disabilities, chronic illness, or other impairments, to access physical activity opportunities.

In the FAM: Online edition participants will receive a custom workout plan tailored to their bodies, have access to drop-in virtual group training sessions, and will learn skills to assist in maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

We are pleased to be accepting applications for this semester!



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