February 2021
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Dear students,


We hope that you are all keeping well. We are reaching out to connect you with tips for applying for your exam accommodations, note-taking resources, as well as a variety of other resources to help you stay grounded, organized, and connected this semester. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!


    In this message: Applying Your Exam Accommodations / Resources and Opportunities


    Before your online exam is released

    Check the details of your exam on your syllabus and review your course announcements to verify that individual accommodations apply to the format of your exam.

    Register for your exam accommodations 14 days prior to the start date of your assessment using the appropriate exam sign-up form.

    Check if you received a confirmation from your instructor or exam administrator stating that your extra-time has been programmed on the testing platform.

    As soon as your online exam is released


    Make sure that your extra-time has been programmed correctly on the testing platform.



    If your extra-time has been programmed correctly:


    You should be able to see that the duration has been extended to include your approved accommodations.



    If your extra-time has NOT been programmed correctly:


    Go to Step 1 and make sure that individual accommodations apply to your exam format.


    If individual accommodations do apply to your exam format, please e-mail your instructor and CC’ the OSD at exams.osd@mcgill.ca IMMEDIATELY so that your extra time can be programmed BEFORE you start your exam.



    ALWAYS verify that your exam accommodations have been programmed correctly, when applicable, even if you do not intend to start your exam right away.


    Similar to when writing in-person exams with the OSD, students are required to verify their exam accommodations before starting their exam, so that any issues can be corrected prior to writing the exam.


    Whether you are writing an exam in-person or online, starting your exam means that you are agreeing to completing the exam as is.


    If you have already completed your exam without your accommodations correctly in place, please notify the OSD immediately. We will review the situation and explore possible options with your instructor; however, we cannot guarantee an outcome.

    OSD Collaborating with Biology NTC



    The OSD is collaborating with the Biology Note-Taking Club (NTC)! If you currently have note-taking supports as a part of your accommodation plan, and are registered in either BIOL 201, 202 or 303, then you are eligible to receive NTC notes free of charge through the OSD! To sign up, please complete this form. All students who are eligible will then be given online access to the NTC notes. Any questions can be directed to notetaking.osd@mcgill.ca.

    Sonocent Audio Notetaker



    Are you a student who currently has note-taking support as a part of your accommodation plan? Would you like to know more about software solutions that can help you overcome some common note-taking barriers? We are offering group training sessions for students to learn about Sonocent Audio Note-Taker, a note-taking software designed for you to store slides and images, take notes, and record audio all in one place. We are offering this software free of charge for students who already have note-taking supports as a part of their IAP. Learn more about the program on the Sonocent website, then sign up for one of our 3 training sessions using the links below:


    Session 1: Friday February 12, 2021 10:00am-11:00am -- Register in advance for this meeting

    Session 2: Wednesday February 17, 2021 10:30am-11:30am -- Register in advance for this meeting

    Session 3: Monday February 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm -- Register in advance for this meeting

    Tutorial Services


    Как выбрать ноутбук для бизнеса и работы


    Tutorial Services Workshops are available on-demand!


    If you've ever wanted to take one of the Learning Supports webinars offered by Tutorial Services, but found it wasn’t offered at a convenient time, you’ll be glad to hear that all workshops are now available on-demand. You can even get credit on your CCR (Co-Curricular Record)! All six webinars can be found on the Webinars page of the Tutorial Services website.


    Webinar topics include

    • Your Guide to Remote Learning
    • Time Management
    • Concentration and Focus
    • Note-Taking Strategies Made Easy
    • Learning & Memory
    • The Art of Taking Exams

    Fitness Access McGill



    Fitness Access McGill (FAM) is a program that helps and supports McGill students with physical disabilities, chronic illness, or other impairments, to access physical activity opportunities.


    In the online edition, participants receive a custom workout plan tailored to their bodies, have access to drop-in virtual group training sessions, and will learn skills to assist in maintaining a physically active lifestyle.


    Click here to apply!



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