Winter 2022
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Dear students,


Welcome back, we hope you had a restful and relaxing winter break! As we return to campus, the OSD is committed to ensuring that you have the necessary information needed to access your accommodations and consult important information.

To this end, our team has put together a list of resources for you!


Please note that the OSD will be adhering to all safety measures and protocols in place by McGill University.



In this message: Tips to remain on track | OSD Exams Winter 2022 | Additional resources for students | Paid research opportunities

your accommodations! 


After meeting with an Access Services Advisor, you would have received an email (to your McGill email address) detailing the accommodations that are part of your Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP).

If you are unsure of the accommodations you established with an OSD advisor, search your inbox and re-read that email before the start of the semester. 

Register for exam accommodations early!


To get an early start with your exam accommodations, please complete the online exam sign-up form as soon as your syllabus is ready! You can request exam accommodations for ALL of your timed in-person, and online assessments within the same course code by completing a single exam sign-up form. Click on "Other upcoming assessments" and input the release date of your assessment.

Book an appointment with an advisor! 


If you wish to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please consult our Contact Us page to see our appointment offerings. As always, we have appointments available on campus or virtually.

Stay organized! 


The Tutorial Services website contains videos, apps, worksheets and other tools to enhance your academic skill development.


They also offer webinars to support you in building the skills you need to succeed. These are available both on-demand on the website, along with a copy of the slides and any other resources mentioned!


Ask questions! 


The OSD website contains a detailed general FAQ page that can respond to the majority of students' questions. This page is updated frequently as new information becomes available.

If you have a more specific question, do not hesitate to reach out to our front-line team via email.


Like us on Facebook to stay connected with the OSD and receive updates on job opportunities, accessibility resources, and other campus initiatives!


Be aware of timelines!


Please note that certain requests are time-sensitive.


For more information about exam accommodations, note-taking support, reasonable consideration requests to professors, please review the instructions on the OSD website. 

OSD Exams Winter 2022


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For all timed in-person and online assessments, exam accommodation requests must be submitted 14 days prior to the exam start date, using the online exam sign-up form.


The registration date for the Winter 2022 Final Exams (held from April 13 to April 29) is March 11, 2022.


Students who have missed these deadlines must email Late requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis – accommodations are not guaranteed, and students should prepare to write with the rest of their class. Due to administrative processing time, late requests will not be considered for Winter 2022 final exams taking place in 7 days or less*.


*exceptional circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis




The 14-day sign-up deadline applies for deferred and supplemental exams – please check McGill Exams for details about when these exams will be scheduled, as this information may vary by faculty. If you will be taking a deferred exam, please sign up as early as possible to ensure you receive your authorized accommodations.

Additional resources for students






myInvolvement is your one-stop to see all the workshops and webinars that are happening at McGill.


There are workshops for learning skills, activities, Meditation, Presenting Powerpoints, and many more!


Check them out and be sure to press the load more button at the end of the page to see upcoming events.


Paid research opportunities


Young woman sitting cross-legged with laptop in lap cheering

Invitation to Participate: Prospect and Applicant Consultation Interviews


Enrolment Services is planning on conducting consultation interviews between Jan. 10-Jan.14 2022 in order to gauge how students would feel being asked the questions in the Student Census at the level of recruitment as well as application.



We are contacting you today because you indicated that you would be interested in participating in an interview to help us better understand your thoughts and feelings about potential questions asked to prospects and applicants.


We would like to invite you to participate in a 15–20-minute interview.


Participants will be entered for a chance to win a 100$ Amazon gift card.


If you are still interested in participating, please pick the time that is most convenient for you from the options listed in this Doodle form.


We ask that you please include your email address in the field titled “your name.” This will allow us to contact you to confirm a date and a time for your interview.


The form is anonymized so that your email address will not be shared with any of the other participants.


Please make sure to enter your availability prior to January 3rd, 2022. Interviews will take place from January 10 to January 14, 2022.

Participate in an Online Psychology Study on Goal Setting!


As a student registered with the Office of Students with Disabilities, you are invited to participate in an online psychology study on goal setting!


Your involvement would consist of responding to three online surveys over the course of the semester (January, March, and April). The surveys will primarily inquire about what academic goals you have set for the semester and how you plan to pursue them.


The first survey will take you approximately 20 minutes, and the two follow-ups will be shorter (about 15 minutes). You will be compensated $20 for your participation.


If you are interested, please click on this link:

The McGill Goal Study


Visit the archives to take a look at past emails.


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