March 25, 2022
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Dear students,


The sign-up deadline for Final Exams for Winter 2022 was March 11, 2022. Exceptionally for the Winter 2022 Final Exam period, the OSD has taken the decision to provide a grace period for late sign-up requests. This exceptional grace period will extend until March 30, 2022 (inclusive).


Students who have missed the Final Exam March 11th exam sign-up deadline should sign up for their exams as soon as possible using the Exam Sign-up Form. Requests received before the March 30th deadline will be processed.


Students are strongly encouraged to sign up as soon as possible, as sign-ups received after this point will not be processed1 unless they meet the following criteria:


  • Newly registered student to the OSD who has an upcoming exam (minimum 7-day notice required, including weekends).

  • Students whose instructor/professor has changed or announced an exam date within the 14-day2 deadline (instructor/professor verification will be required for approval).

7- and 14-day deadlines include the current day and weekends, with days starting as of 12:00am (midnight).


1 Exceptional circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the OSD Exam Centre Manager ( directly.

2 Not applicable to Final Exams listed on the Final Exams schedule.

Please note that some programs have courses that do not fall under Enrolment Services’ Final Exam schedule (e.g., SPOT, Graduate Studies). For these courses, the 14-day sign-up deadline will continue to apply (unless otherwise specified by your Faculty).


Note that individual time-based accommodations do not apply  to exams that are 48 hours or more in duration or have been  accessibly designed  to incorporate additional time in the scheduled exam duration. If exceptional circumstances arise, please contact us at For more information, please visit the OSD  FAQ page  and review any  email announcements  from the OSD you may have missed.




Confirmation Notification


Students will receive a confirmation notification (to their McGill email) to confirm that they have been added the OSD Final Exam schedule. A separate email will be sent for each course for which a student has registered for exam accommodations.


Please review these emails carefully. If you do not receive an email for a particular course, please complete the Exam Sign-up form as soon as possible. Submissions received after March 30 will not be processed unless they meet the criteria listed above.


Students will receive a tentative time notification (with the scheduled start time) approximately 5 days before each scheduled exam. A subsequent notification will be sent out the business day prior to each exam with confirmed exam start time and location. A list of buildings that the OSD may use during the Winter 2022 Final Exam period is listed at the end of this email.


Final Exam Conflicts


For Final Exams, there are three possible categories of exam conflicts for students: academic conflict, religious conflict, and OSD conflict. 


To see if you meet the criteria for an academic conflict or religious conflict, consult the McGill Exams website and follow their procedures for a resolution. Please communicate the resolution to the OSD Exam Center at no later than 14 days before the date of your exam.


A conflict may occur for students registered with the OSD who, by virtue of their disability-related accommodations, are scheduled to write for more than 8 hours of exams in one day.


If you have an OSD conflict, you will be contacted via email at your McGill email address with options to resolve the conflict. You will be given a deadline to reply with a decision from amongst the options included in the email.

Exam Locations


Below are buildings where you may be scheduled to take your Final Exam. Please note that this list may be amended.


  • OSD Exam Centre

  • 1010 Sherbrooke (OSD office)

  • Brown Building

  • Sherbrooke 688

  • Campus 1

  • Engineering McDonald

  • Leacock Building

  • MS-10 Labs



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