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Final Exam Schedule Published 

The final exam schedule has been posted on


Reminder: Signing-up for your midterms and finals

Students receiving exam accommodations through the OSD are required to use the online exam sign-up form to request accommodations for both midterm and final exams.

  • For midterms, quizzes, exams etc. during the Winter 2020 semester, there is a 7-day deadline to sign up to take your exam with the OSD
  • For final exams (April 17-30th), the deadline to sign up is March 13th, 2020. 

When completing the online exam sign-up form, please indicate all authorized accommodations which you are requesting for that particular exam (e.g. If I have the use of a PC as an accommodation for essay-based exams, but I am writing a multiple choice exam, I would not include PC as an accommodation on my sign-up form). Any requests for accommodations that are not part of your individualized accommodation plan will not be considered.


Final Exam Conflicts

If you meet the definition for an academic conflict, or a religious conflict for your exams, please consult the McGill Exams Website and follow the processes outlined in order to obtain a resolution. These are coordinated directly via the Central Exams Office, who then communicate with the OSD.


Due to the nature of their exam accommodations, some students registered with the OSD may meet the criteria for an OSD student conflict. An OSD student conflict occurs when a student, by virtue of their disability-related exam accommodations, are scheduled to write more than 8 hours of exams in one day. 


For students who have signed up for their exams, and meet the criteria for an OSD conflict, you will be contacted via your McGill email starting the week of March 23rd, 2020 by a member of the Exam Center Staff. 



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