Winter 2020
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Dear student,


The OSD has put together a list of a few reminders to help you keep on track this semester: 

  1.  Know your accommodations! After meeting with an advisor at the OSD, you would have received an email (to your McGill email address) detailing what accommodations were part of your Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP). If you are unsure what accommodations you established with an OSD advisor, search your inbox and re-read that email before the start of the semester. 

  2. Ask questions! The OSD website contains an FAQ section that can respond to the majority of student’s questions. If you have a more specific question, do not hesitate to reach out to an advisor via email, or by calling/visiting the OSD Front Desk (514-398-6009) 

  3. Check-in with an advisor! Now that you are registered with the OSD, if you have additional questions or need to adjust your accommodation plan, you can come in for a 15 min drop-in appointment

  4. Be aware of timelines! Please note that certain accommodations are time-sensitive. If you receive exam accommodationsnote sharing or a letter of accommodation to your professor, please review the instructions on the OSD website. Please note that the deadline for signing up for final exam accommodations this semester is March 13, 2020.

  5. Stay organized! The learning resources section on the OSD website contains videos, apps, worksheets and other tools. We also offer webinarsstudy groups, and mentors to support you in building the skills you need to succeed.   

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Wishing you the best for your semester! 


The OSD Team 

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