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Campus Information


Campus Information

November 8, 2021 - Confirmed COVID-19 Case at Stoney Creek Campus


As an update related to health and safety at Mohawk College, Public Health authorities have confirmed one new positive COVID-19 case connected with the Mohawk College Stoney Creek Campus.


The individual involved last attended the campus on Monday, November 1, 2021. All entry and safety protocols were followed while on campus. Public Health officials have carried out their investigation and are reaching out to anyone impacted by this case.


The individual and Mohawk College have been cooperating with Public Health officials in relation to this case. All cleaning protocols have been followed in order to maintain a safe learning and work environment.


It is vital that personal health information and identifiers are not released, and the privacy of everyone involved is respected.


As a reminder, we ask everyone in the Mohawk College community to continue to assess their health daily. If you are visiting a Mohawk College campus, respond to the assessment questions honestly on your Mohawk Safety app as part of the entry process.


In order for our college to remain compliant with Public Health guidelines, all college protocols and safety measures must be followed. The College expects all students and employees to recognize the impact of their actions and to prioritize the health and safety of all community members. Students and employees who do not comply with these necessary Public Health and safety standards will be managed through the Student Behaviour Policy and Human Resources, respectively.


Daily Access to Campus Requirements

As a reminder, this is what you need to know and what you need to do each day you come to campus.


  1. Complete the Health Screening Questionnaire, found on the Mohawk Safety App each day you are coming to campus.
  2. Bring your ONE card with you to campus. You will need to tap your ONE card at the entrance to confirm your vaccination status each time you enter the campus.
  3. You will be required to wear a college-supplied face mask at all times while on campus. The masks will be available at the Security check-in desks and must be worn while on campus. You may request a new mask at any time. Please continue to wear your own mask while travelling to and from the college.

We understand that you may have questions. You can find college information, updates and support contacts related to COVID-19 at https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/covid-19-coronavirus.


Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community safe.

Mohawk College