Think Green on Earth Day 2019 with These Eco-Friendly Products from Province Apothecary,
ANARA Denim,
Paris Hilton Skincare, Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery, Yoga Culture, 
Joyous Health and All You Are Robes


With Earth Day (April 22) quickly approaching, it's time to start making changes for the good of the environment. One of the most efficient ways to reduce your eco footprint in 2019 is to switch up your routines to include more environmentally-responsible, sustainably-sourced, and all-natural products. Province Apothecary, ANARA denim, Paris Hilton Skincare, Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery, Yoga CultureJoyous Health  and All You Are Robes have got you covered from organic skincare and aromatherapy, to ethically-manufactured hemp denim and Ecopoly fiber wardrobe essentials, conflict-free gems, stress-reducing teas, and more. 

Just in time to celebrate Mother Earth, here are a few of our favorite good-for-the-environment and must-have items:

1. Province Apothecary

Protect the planet one beauty treatment at a time with Province Apothecary's range of natural and organic skincare and aromatherapy. Toronto's favorite holistic and wellness brand, known for outstanding handcrafted, small batch skincare products and custom organic facials, is both a leader in beauty and environmentalism. With a focus on sustainable and high-quality ingredients, and a dedication to supporting local environmental charities, Province Apothecary gives back to the environment while delivering luxurious and effective skincare.  

Founder and owner, Julie Clark, holds the highest of ethical and environmental standards for all of Province Apothecary’s products. To keep resources local, her brand sources organic, wild ingredients from each Canadian Province, all the while ensuring that every product is free from ingredients that are harmful to both your skin and the earth, such as: petroleum, parabens, synthetic ingredients, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, dyes, alcohol, solvents, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and palm oil. Province Apothecary's small batch products will be sure to have you feeling confident in your own skin, as well as your decision to help pave the way in green beauty. 


Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover - $44

This award-winning cleanser hydrates to remove make up & excess oil, restoring your skin’s natural radiance while gently cleansing without drying-out your skin or destroying its natural pH. Raspberry Oil stimulates cell turnover, rejuvenating the skin, while lavender heals blemishes and works as a restorative. This essential oil blend calms, reduces stress, and relaxes your parasympathetic nervous system. Stay nourished, balanced, and radiant using ingredients you can actually pronounce. 



Healing Eczema Balm - $52  

Born out of founder Julie Clark's frustration with ineffective, harsh, and synthetic eczema products, this balm works to deliver powerful relief from flare-ups of eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. Using colloidal oatmeal and zinc oxide, this gentle product will relieve itchiness and inflammation, while accelerating the renewal of skin cells. With this Earth Day falling in April, a month of seasonal transition and a trigger for dry skin, the Healing Eczema Balm will surely come in handy. 



Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller - $44

Experience radiant results instantly with this dual-action jade roller, crafted from high-quality Xiuyan Jade. While the studded end helps reduce the look of fine lines and gently exfoliates, the smooth end cools and calms the skin, releasing muscle tension and encouraging lymphatic function. Use this hand-made tool by itself or with a Province Apothecary serum to take your skincare routine to the next level. 




Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator - $40

Working to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin, the Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator is perfect for all skin types. Using oatmeal to calm, soften, and nourish, green tea to stimulate and rejuvenate, and lavender to calm irritation and heal blemishes, this dry formula will be sure to leave your skin healthy and glowing.  



Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask - $58

Start your Earth Day off right with this natural, mineral-rich mask made from glacial clay. Using a powerful blend of four different clays, the Detoxifying + Clarifying mask will cleanse pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines, giving your skin a bright, smooth complexion. 





2. ANARA Denim

Meet the new wave of sustainable fashion, ANARA hemp denim— designed in Vancouver and ethically manufactured in Melbourne. While they may feel like a traditional pair of ultra-comfy, high quality denim, ANARA jeans are incredibly unique, as each pair makes a positive impact on the planet. Using over 50% hemp in their fabric blend, and zero pesticides or herbicides, ANARA uses 4x less water and 2x less land than most traditional all-cotton jeans. Launching soon, ANARA denim is sure to become a wardrobe staple for any eco-conscious and equally as stylish shopper. The countdown is officially on till you can experience and fall in love with sustainable premium denim!


3. Paris Hilton Skincare

This Earth Day, experience effective, natural, and high-performance solutions to aging skin with the ProD.N.A. line from Paris Hilton Skincare. This new line of luxurious cleansing gels, creams, and serums helps alleviate damage from factors like UV rays, pollutants, and free radicals, which damage the DNA within each skin cell. Using groundbreaking super-ingredients found in naturesuch as GenoMatrix, a formulation of powerful, healing enzymes and other natural actives, ProD.N.A. products bring about an all-natural, age-defying complexion. All products are made with marine microalgae, are cruelty-free, contain the purest natural ingredients, and even use revolutionary eco-friendly airless packaging in order to minimize the use of preservatives — making ProD.N.A. the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones this coming Earth Day!




Dual Action Cleansing Gel- $29

Using natural ingredients such as caviar lime, pineapple bromelain, apple aminos, and white tea extract, this gel cleanses and gently exfoliates without drying or stripping the skin. Effortlessly removing makeup and everyday harmful pollutants, this product will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, and squeaky clean. 





Face & Décolletage Cream- $75

This ProD.N.A. cream works to revitalize skin from the inside out. Powered by GenoMatrix, a complex containing a potent enzyme derived from marine microalgae, the ProD.N.A. Face & Décolletage cream works to alleviate aging concerns such as sagging, loss of elasticity, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and dryness. Free of parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde, this is the perfect product for eco-conscious skincare lovers looking for natural and effective products.


Lift & Firm Eye Cream- $78

Revitalize and contour your under-eyes with this new and powerful eye-perfecting treatment. This luxurious, silky formula will instantly brighten and de-puff, and over time, drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Using only the gentlest ingredients found in nature such as Persian silk tree extract, shea butter, and evening primrose, this light formula will deliver quick and noticeable results. 




Advanced Recovery Serum- $115

Gain a youthful, bright complexion without the use of invasive cosmetic surgery with the ProD.N.A. Advanced Recovery Serum. Suitable for all skin types, this powerful formulation works at the deepest level to help the skin's natural DNA maintenance, dramatically slowing the signs of aging before they occur. Use the Advanced Recovery Serum to maintain your glowing complexion— without the risk of harming your skin, or the environment. 




4. Yoga Culture

As a mindful yoga brand, Yoga Culture promotes a balanced lifestyle based on sustainability, empowerment and inner peace, all the while being made right here in Canada. Representing all things "eco," "ethical," and "green;" Yoga Culture focuses on quality production that doesn't harm the environment or those who work in it. Show off your spiritual style using Yoga Culture's Canadian Trademarked Ecopoly fiber that uses 70% less water, heat, and energy than regular polyester fabrics. Participate in 'fashionable philanthropy' by making a statement with bold leggings and tanks that support the protection of our precious environment. Sit back and relax in downward dog this Earth Day knowing you're sporting the cutest and (Eco) friendliest outfit in the room with the colourful and comfortable, Yoga Culture. 

Practice a green and healthy, and sustainable lifestyle while sporting the trendiest and most colourful leggings, and super soft tanks.

5. Joyous Health

To celebrate Earth Day, Joy McCarthy— holistic nutritionist and natural living expert— has some thoughts on how nature keeps us healthy and fit. Joy is a bestselling author and founder of the health and wellness blog, Joyous Health. She's let us in on 5 health benefits of our beloved Mother Nature:

SUNSHINE VITAMIN D: When the sun's rays hit your skin, you produce vitamin D which is absolutely essential for a healthy body. Adequate sunshine vitamin supports bone health, helps prevent depression, is anti-inflammatory and therefore is an anti-cancer nutrient and supports the immune system.

IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a hike in nature? There are boatloads of research on the link between well-being and nature. Going for a walk in a park or a trail and taking in the smells of a forest promote the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Many people suffer from depression as a result of inadequate levels of these neurotransmitters.

PREVENTS CHILDHOOD OBESITY: Over the past twenty to thirty years, childhood obesity rates have risen dramatically. Processed foods and sugars are to blame, but also to blame is lack of outdoor activity. This might be an obvious one, but the American Journal of Preventative Medicine shows that children who are active outdoors are less prone to obesity than their counterparts that spend hours inside in front of their TVs and computers. Teaching them about nature just by exposing them to it when they are young will make it much more likely they will appreciate nature when they are older. 

STRESS BUSTER: Being in nature, even for a short time, has been shown to buffer the negative effects of the dreaded stress-hormone cortisol, according to research published in Environment and Behavior. Being in nature puts you in a more relaxed state! 

PREVENTION OF ALZHEIMER'S & DEMENTIA: Unfortunately, in North America despite the advancement of modern medicine, our elderly population is suffering from more Alzheimer's and dementia than ever before. And science has shown us there is a definitive link. In fact a study published in the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias, showed that long-suffering dementia and Alzheimer’s patients are known to have decreased symptoms following time in gardens or being exposed to horticultural therapy. Isn't that wonderful?

In honor of our big blue planet Earth, check out Joy's video on 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day and Produce Less Waste. Some highlights are to buy LESS, to recycle PROPERLY, and to buy QUALITY!

Joy made and approved Earth Day must-haves


'Smooth Like Butta' Body Butter- $29

Instantly fall in love with the tried-and-true 'Smooth Like Butta' Body Butter that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated. Warning: it smells so good that you might want to eat it— and because of its clean and organic ingredient profile, you actually could! As a GMO free, biodegradable, and cruelty-free cream, this body butter is the ultimate eco-friendly gift.




Rise and Shine Tea- $17

An uplifting, caffeine free, delicious tea made with organic ingredients to help keep you
balanced and stress-free. Packed with adaptogens and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this all-natural tea with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and coconut will surely become part of your daily routine.



Natural Volumizing Lavender Shampoo- $16

Experience the difference of clean, organic haircare with Natural Volumizing Lavender Shampoo. Free of toxic chemicals and fragrances, this eco-friendly shampoo will give your hair a natural bounce without leaving any residue.

Natural Hydrating Coconut Conditioner- $16

Bring your locks back to life with this nourishing conditioner! Use Natural Hydrating Coconut Conditioner post-shampoo to regain the natural volume and shine you've been missing. 




6. Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery

This Earth Day, experience the beauty of conflict-free jewellery with Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery. As a leader in design and destination for high quality pieces, it is no surprise that Erin Tracy's award winning designs have been recognized in various high-profile publications such as the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Flare, Elle, Wedding Bells, and Canadian Jeweller. Using a wide variety of responsibly-sourced materials— from diamonds, gemstones, and gold to concrete and acrylic— Erin Tracy's handcrafted and unique jewellery will be sure to dazzle you and your eco-conscious loved ones. No matter your budget or aesthetic, Erin Tracy has got you covered!


DECO Hex Bangle


Brass or Silver

DECO Lariat Necklace


Rose Gold, Diamonds


MINI Make a Wish Necklace


Sterling Silver 

*Part of Mini collection, but with the option of a longer chain!


DECO Calla Front Back Earrings


Sterling Silver, Rose Quartz



DECO Sauvage Aqua Ring


Yellow Gold, White Diamonds, Opals, Chalcedony



7. All You Are

Wrap yourself up in that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and is sustainable. It's time to acknowledge that no robe exists in the market today that is feminine, flattering and still fully functional. Either it's a factor of clinginess, slinkiness, or bulkiness -- there's always something in the way making robes not the most practical loungewear item for reality. All You Are is here to change that. Designed for life, the collection of robes is inspired by women who wake up every morning and choice by choice give the absolute best of themselves all day. Founder, Kena Paranjape, set out to design the robe she wanted -- one that was chic after a shower or over your PJs but still worked with and enhanced your life. She's talking slim sleeves, a built-in belt, and a fabric that is cozy and comfortable enough yet never clingy. The All You Are robe was designed for flipping pancakes, playing with kiddies, opening the front door, and spending a lazy Sunday in. 


The Robe - $125

A built-in belt defines your waist and never gets lost.

Slim, three-quarter length  sleeves won’t get in your way.

Deep pockets are functional without the added bulk.

100% cotton French Terry (sweatshirt material!) is absorbent and cozy but not clingy.

And a secret message under the cuff (your possibilities are endless) is a reminder of All You Are.

Fits true to size. 




About: Province Apothecary is a holistic skincare and wellness brand recognized both for it’s effective natural skincare products and custom organic facials. PA is leading the way in green beauty with a unique blend of 100% active plant based, synthetic-free ingredients, establishing itself as a brand focused on a whole-body approach to beauty.

Owner and founder Julie Clark's journey into natural skincare developed out of her own struggles with allergies and eczema. Unable to find products that were pure and effective enough to heal her sensitive skin, she began blending her own. Now an accredited Holistic Health Practitioner and Aromatherapist, Julie continues to develop new products drawing inspiration from her facial clients, the weather and the seasons.

Province Apothecary sources the highest quality organic, wildcrafted ingredients from each Canadian Province and hand-blends these ingredients in small batches to create skincare that will nourish + balance skin. Julie’s favorite ingredients include: seaweed from Nova Scotia, maple syrup from Quebec, organic sunflower oil from Ontario, organic beeswax from Alberta, organic lentil flour from Manitoba, and organic raspberry oil and glacial clay from British Columbia. PA is blending the wilds of Canada into nourishing and balancing skincare.

All products are free from: petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances and ingredients, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, dyes, alcohol, solvents, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), palm oil or derivatives, cosmetic grade ingredients and toxins of any kind.

Stockists: 175 Canadian +  USA retailers including CAP BeautyFollainFree PeopleWhole Foods MarketThe Detox, Erewhon Market, and Credo Beauty to name a few.   All products can be ordered online both in Canada and the US - and can shipped nationally.


Visibility: Province Apothecary PA has been featured internationally in print and online by VogueW MagazineHuffington PostInStyle.comAllureBridesByrdieWell and GoodGarance DoréWallpaperCool HuntingProteinRefinery 29, and Our Body Book.  In addition, a number of Canadian publications including: Canadian LivingFashion MagazineEn Route MagazineChatelaineFlareElle CanadaToday’s ParentToronto LifeGlobe and Mail, and The Toronto Star.

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About: ANARA is a sustainable fashion brand offering premium hemp-based denim. By using over 50% hemp to create their jeans, they're reducing land-use, water consumption, using zero pesticides or herbicides.

Designed in Vancouver and made ethically in Australia, ANARA gives individuals the ability to change someone's life or someone's planet just through the clothes they choose to buy.



About: Hilton Lifestyle Group, established in 2016 by Paris Hilton and a team of chemists, was founded to create products that improve the health and natural appearance of skin with cutting-edge formulations extracted from natural resources. The company's first product line, ProD.N.A.™, is built upon GenoMatrix, a revolutionary formulation of powerful enzymes derived from marine microalgae and a complex of natural active ingredients. This concentration penetrates deep within the layers of the skin to support the body's natural DNA maintenance, and to counteract the effects of aging caused by external and internal factors like UV light, pollution, stress, and free radicals. 

Paris Hilton Skincare is naturally high-performance and cruelty-free.  They strive to help customers gain a youthful, radiant complexion without the use of invasive and often dangerous cosmetic surgery. Using only the most effective, natural formulas, and never using animal testing for profits, Paris Hilton Skincare guarantees transparency, efficacy, and most importantly, integrity. 

Paris Hilton is an American businesswoman, DJ, television personality, socialite, model and singer. As a public icon and tastemaker with tens of millions of followers and multiple successful product lines, Paris has undeniably created dominating trends around the globe. Throughout her career, Paris has maintained a remarkably smooth, seemingly-ageless complexion, without the use of cosmetic surgery. Now, Paris wants to share her secret with the world, helping customers revitalize their skin from the inside out, and bringing them a newfound confidence. 

Visibility and Stocklists: Paris Hilton Skincare has recently been featured in Allure, W Magazine, Forbes, Teen Vogue, and the Dermatology Review. The entire line can be purchased online and shipped globally, and can also be found in retailers such as Rinascente, Macy's and Harrods.



About: Yoga Culture is an urban yoga apparel line based out of Canada, promoting a lifestyle of sustainability, empowerment, and inner peace. The vibrant and uniquely patterned leggings are designed and produced in Ontario.  Yoga Culture’s founder, Shailja Jha, is not only a woman with an appreciation for fashion and design, but a deep passion for yogic culture as well. Given her years of experience on the design and production for major global fast-fashion brands, she genuinely understands what it means to create a trendy fashion line. Born and raised in India, Shailja had the unique opportunity to connect directly with the true essence of yoga, from a very young age. Daily meditation was a large part of her upbringing, and still is today. After being blessed with a beautiful baby girl -- who soon became her inspiration -- Shailja was able to connect her passion and skillset of design with her yogic roots, and Yoga Culture was born.

Mindfulness and giving back extends beyond the cushion and daily mantras for Shailja and her team at Yoga Culture. In addition to everything from design to production being sourced from her own backyard, they use Eco-conscious polyester that uses 70% less water, heat, and energy than your average market polyester fabric. Yoga Culture is promoting a line of apparel that is mindful of the environment and the land we live on. Yoga Culture also donates a portion of profits to the Because I Am A Girl program with Plan Canada.

Yoga Culture has recently been featured in Elle Canada and Chatelaine, and can be purchased and shipped across both Canada and the U.S.

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About: Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery is a purveyor of custom bridal and ready-made fine jewellery. Employing the industry’s best craftspeople, lead designer Erin Tracy has been creating unique and special pieces on site at the Toronto-based studio since 2003. The work of an avid traveler, her jewellery embraces diverse cultural influences—from the American Southwest to Scandinavia to Japan. But it always remains unmistakably her own.

Erin’s innate creativity and strong design sensibilities were honed by her studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design, from which she took her Bachelor’s degree in design. Since then, the virtuosity of her work has attracted a large and loyal following of repeat clients across North America, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Erin Tracy is an award-winning designer with over a decade of design experience and while her reputation has been built largely by word of mouth, her artistry has been recognized in such high-profile publications as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Flare, Fashion Magazine, Elle Canada, Wedding Bells and Canadian Jeweller. She was most recently profiled as a jewellery expert on CityLine, CHCH Morning Live, and E! Canada.

About Joyous Health: Joyous Health was founded by holistic nutritionist and natural health expert, Joy McCarthy with one goal in mind: to inspire others to live healthier and happier by blogging about her own personal health journey. She is a bestselling author and health expert for North America's leading publications, television and radio shows.  

It began in 2003 when McCarthy embarked on her own healing journey as she had been struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance for five years. Even though she embraced a 'healthy' lifestyle, she was still dealing with thinning hair,  dry skin, digestion issues and irregular periods. After years of following a conventional medical approach, it was at that point when Joy chose a different path that would transform her life.

In 2006, she continued on her healing journey and it became clear that in order to fully heal, she needed to leave her high-stress career in marketing, and fully embrace her passion, and enrolled in the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Throughout the three years of study, she started blogging to inspire people beyond her immediate circle and and in 2009 Joyous Health was born.

By 2013 Joy had grown the business and was now taking on clients consulting, touring the country speaking at various industry events as an expert, and developed her own line of products.  She also launched her first online program, Joyous 10-Day Detox; a line of natural and organic body care; and, most importantly, her husband Walker joined the team full-time. He left his corporate job selling fancy cars and returned to his entrepreneurial roots to join Joy in the day-to-day efforts of running Joyous Health.  By 2014 Joy finished her first book, Joyous Health: Eat and Live Well without Dieting. It was published, and became a best-seller.  This book was a celebration of real food, life and proving that healthy eating can be delicious. In 2015 Joy and Walker welcomed Vienna Beate The Jordan into the world, and joy continued to inspire and motivate in the kitchen, and was creating more  deliciousness so my whole family will be well-nourished.  Joy then launched her second book, Joyous Detox, and is filled with recipes to help readers feel energized, bloat-free and gorgeous helping them break away from sugar, dairy and gluten. 

Joy continues to live in Toronto with her husband Walker and their daughter Vienna.  Her passion and excitement for helping people live healthier, happier lives comes across in everything she does. She has a knack for taking complicated nutrition and health information and delivering it in a way that is accessible, easy to understand and informative. Most recently, she has been featured in The Globe and Mail, CNN, Huffington Post, Fashion Magazine, and House and Home to name a few.

Visibility: Joy has been featured as a health expert in print, online, through podcasts, and on TV at numerous outlets including Well + Good, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Fashion Magazine, House and Home, Canadian LivingCBCCTVEncircledUltimate Health PodcastChalkboard MagazineCNNVibeTribe WellnessGlobal NewsSunlifeClean Eating Magazine, and many more! She has also been nominated for the "Best Blog of 2017" award by Healthline. She is also a regular on CityLine, and many other TV shows across the country.




About: All You Are is a collection of fully-functional yet feminine and flattering robes made for the modern day woman. Gone are the wish lists of slinky silk kimonos that cover nothing and make bending over a burden. All You Are was founded on the belief of living fully and living creatively. Founder, Kena Paranjape, based the principles of the brand on the power of choice and the difficulties of sacrifice. There have been times in Paranjape's life where she had been called to sacrifice and to give, sometimes more than she had thought. How she navigated these experiences led her to realize how much choice we have, even when the circumstances are beyond our control. Now she lives with the knowing that we have the power of choice in ever moment to breathe beauty into our lives.

Designed to create a solution to the current market of bulk, unflattering, or clingy robes; Paranjape set out to design he robe she wanted -- one that looked chic after a shower of over her PJs but still worked with and enhanced your life. We're talking slim sleeves, a built-in belt, and a fabric that was cozy and comfortable, yet never clingy. The All You Are robe was designed for flipping pancakes, playing with kiddies, opening the front door, and spending a lazy Sunday in. This robe was designed for you. 

In addition to founding All You Are, Kena is the co-founder of BRIKA, an innovative retail concept focused on highlighting and supporting emerging artisans and designers. Kena has 15+ years of experience in retail including creating and managing retail merchandising strategies for Indigo, Joe Fresh and Gap as well as a high-end eco-friendly concept. She currently sits on the advisory board of the David Sobey Center for Innovation in Retailing and Services.

Kena has been described as a wise and courageous challenger who inspires through her compelling personal stories and warm, nourishing style. You can reach her via email at




For editorial pulls, high-resolution shots, product samples, interviews, or any related media inquiries for any of our clients, please contact: Michelle Calvert, 416.640.5675, 323.348.6412 or email




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