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...and get some insider tips on keeping momentum going as we head into the New Year!


Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and (on an individual basis) in activities, attitudes, interests, thoughts, values, allocation of income and well-being.  Shape + Foster  is a brand new platform that offers their community assistance in personal development...with six experts in one hub.

The platform is a 12 month online membership program that take the community on a journey of personal growth guided by top professionals in life coaching, nutrition, yoga, financial planning, mental health, or athletic training.  Each program is entirely unique, and includes monthly video content, worksheets, live Q&As, and more. 

The membership costs has recently been lowered since the launch in January, and can be purchased online either annually for $99.99 USD or Monthly for $14.99.  Talk about the perfect Mother's Day or Father's Day gift for that special someone....

Our experts behind each category makes for incredible thought leaders should you be working on any specific stories to tie them into - and are all available both on and off camera for tips/tricks or more. 

Meet the team:

Here are some insightful tips from each professional from Team Shape + Foster!

Christina Rowland, Certified Life Coach

1. Release the burdensome energy you're holding on to about what did and did not happen in the past year.

We call this getting "complete." It doesn't mean that you forget about everything that happened, but you release its power over you and move forward without it impacting your decisions and behaviour. Getting "complete" looks different for everyone, but it can include a physical release (e.g., crying, screaming, shaking, dancing), writing all of your emotions out on paper, speaking them out loud (to a professional or even into a recording device), or even just making the conscious decision to be complete. Completion almost always involves taking ownership of some part of how things went. Get the emotions out, see what you can take responsibility for, and then move forward from an empowered place.

2. Write out your vision for your ideal life in the next year as if you've already lived it.

Imagine that it's December 31, 2021 and you're looking back at the past year thinking about everything that you've experienced and accomplished. What do you see, hear, think, and feel? How has your life changed? How have you changed? What has the experience of accomplishing the things you wanted impacted you? Get really present to what it feels like to have created the year and the life that you wanted to create. This vision will allow you to more fully understand your "why" behind your goals and will help carry you through the times in which it feels harder to stay committed.

3. Start sharing your goals.

We often avoid telling people what we are working on for fear of actually being held accountable! Get supported by people in your life by sharing with them what you're up to and why. Not only will this help keep you accountable, but it's also a way of manifesting what you want. The more you speak the words out loud, the more likely you are to believe in your ability to make it happen. And the more people know what you're up to, the more likely they will be to think of you when a relative opportunity arises!


Jass Stupak, Holistic Nutritionist CNP

1. Start your mornings with a BIG glass of water after brushing your teeth.

Add 1/3 of a squeezed lemon for an additional detox boost!

2. Focus on fibre.

Fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds. Fibre is needed in order to pull toxins from the body. If you struggle with digestion, hormone imbalances, or an inability to lose weight, you might be low in fibre.

3. Swap conventional tea for organic tea. 

Conventional tea is filled with pesticides, toxins, and unwanted chemicals. Organic is the real deal and will have a therapeutic result on the body!



Morgan Daloisio, Yoga Instructor

1. Dedicate an area in your home to exercise.

Maybe it starts with buying a yoga mat you like, or surrounding your space with candles and incense! Creating a dedicated space will help hold you accountable every day.

2. Find a platform, teacher, or style that is suitable for you— where you are in your yoga journey!

There are so many yoga memberships surfacing the web right now. It's easy to explore and find your new go-to. 

3. Remember that yoga is a practice.

Don't get discouraged because you're not seeing results after a few classes. Have fun and acknowledge that you're taking a step in the right direction for your overall health!

Shinobu Hindert CFP®, Financial Expert 

1. Focus on what's working

New Year's resolutions are exciting, but after the Holiday Buzz wears off, you can lose steam quickly. Instead of creating lofty goals that may leave you feeling overwhelmed, reflect on what you do well when it comes to your bottom line. Continue to build momentum going into 2021 rather than focusing on all the things you wish you did better. Play into your strengths and you'll build confidence along the way!

2. Set financial date nights

If you're planning with a partner, whip out those calendars and set a recurring financial date for at least 30 minutes once a month. Grab a latte, cuddle up next to your beau and stare into those dreamy...numbers. Believe it or not, geeking out with each other to align your money values and share financial goals will create intimacy. If you're planning your finances solo, grab a friend and coordinate a time to co-work with your money.You don't have to share all the details but an accountabilibuddy (say that 3x fast!) will help make this a healthy habit. 

3. Pay yourself firstSkip the line and jump ahead on the path to financial wellness. Set up an automatic savings plan from each paycheck. Don't get bogged down with how much you can contribute— just do it. Any amount will help, and over time you can increase your savings rate as you get more comfortable with seeing less in your checking account each month. Carve out time to set this up and then forget it! You'll be saving money on auto-pilot. You'll be able to dive into that avocado toast without the guilt of the price tag!


 Tania Da Silva, Mental Health Professional

1. Practice a feelings audit.

What feelings would you like to feel more of this coming year? What brings or can bring on those feelings for you?

2. Reflect on the small steps of the previous year.

Write them out and notice how these little steps moved you into a space you’re grateful to be in.

3. Name one thing you want to do that scares you this coming year.

Put it in the calendar, decide it’s happening and move from the decision phase to the action phase without looking back.


 Ty McDonald, Athletic Trainer

1. Set two REALISTIC fitness goals 

The term "realistic" is subjective and thus, will be personal to you. Whatever the goals may be, make them challenging enough that you have to nudge yourself out of your comfort zone or regular routine to achieve them, but not so challenging that it is even in question if they are achievable. 

Your two realistic goals may be something like working out five days per week instead of four if you're already active. Or it may be doing 10 push-ups as soon as you get out of bed everyday to get the blood flowing if you're not currently active! Once you complete these goals, set another two. You'll be surprised by how quickly these can snowball and compound into an array of healthy habits built up throughout the year!

2. Learn to use your heart more

In the most LITERAL sense! Our hearts, like our brains, are vital to our livelihood. However, we tend to neglect and abuse it in ways such as poor eating habits or suboptimal exercising. Make it a key focus this year to regularly get your heart rate up to strengthen it!

All you need to accomplish this is to increase the body's demand for oxygen, which will in turn require the heart to work harder. Try holding a plank for as long as you can, three times. Or, try sprinting on the spot for 10 seconds, every minute on the minute, for give minutes straight. Even things as short and simple as these can have a profound effect on your heart health. 

3. Go for an OUTDOOR walk every chance you getRegular walking has proven to help with weight loss and decrease stress levels. Start off short and quick; maybe a walk around the block once a week with a friend or a family member. Then, as you feel comfortable, add either a second day or extend the walk to two laps around the block. Build up your walking habits until they become a part of your regular routine, and it its cold outside... BUNDLE UP AND GET'ER DONE! Your physical, mental, and emotional health will thank you.

Meet the founder of Shape + Foster - Calum McGuigan
Shape + Foster know that many aspects of well-being and decision making are done retroactively— meaning, when we're already in need. Crazy, but it's true. That's why they are on a mission to create an entire community around personal development. Community Founder, Calum McGuigan created the company after his own journey over the last two years, and the realization that personal development takes time, and is not a quick 4-week program!

This is why Shape + Fosters journey is constructed over 12-months. The program is centred around providing actionable insight – where experts offer information you can easily insert into your life, or focus on habit building around. Courses are led by top experts in mental health, fitness, yoga, nutrition, financial planning, and life coaching. With 2-3 hours of new monthly video content, worksheets, live Q&A's, and ongoing conversations within the app, Shape + Foster will help members realize potential and enhance their quality of life. 


Six experts. Actionable insight. One community. 

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