Lucid Communications is proud to welcome Power Yoga Canada to their health and wellness client roster!

With a dream of creating a yoga community centred around positive personal transformation, Power Yoga Canada has tapped into the healing spirit of yoga through following a set of core values aimed at awakening the best in all of us. These core values include: speaking straight, listening generously, honouring commitments, being for each other, acknowledgments and appreciation. Power Yoga Canada is often asked what their secret is and how they have been able to grow their community so quickly. The answer, quite simply, is that they make everyone feel at home. Through the celebration of their ten year anniversary this November, Power Yoga Canada plans to continue welcoming new people into the yoga lifestyle while improving the quality of life for community.

Power Yoga Canada is the home of everything power yoga. The mat is a space to breakdown and breakthrough; to venture to the edge and dare to jump; to discover what is truly possible. You don’t need to be flexible, or to look a certain way, or even to know what to do. All you need is a willingness to step on your mat and practice. As a result, Power Yoga Canada class passes & workshops make a perfect gift idea and are a great way to welcome anybody into the power yoga lifestyle. 

Programs and Workshops:


December Holiday Special

Give the gift of health this year with Power Yoga Canada's December Holiday special: 

  • 5 CLASS PASS - $50

  • YEARLY MEMBERSHIP - $899 - SAVE $100

  • INTRO SPECIAL - 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga - $40


Core Programming

Power Yoga Canada believes they are the best at what they do - hot, sweaty, power yoga.  This practice is accessible to all levels and everyone is welcome. Their core roster of classes include Power Yoga, Deep Flow,  Jam, Rest & Restore, & Yin classes. 

Their foundational workshops are designed to elevate your Power Yoga practice. Taught by PYC teachers, you will sweat, discover and transform through experiential learning. Yearly memberships get 50% off of these workshops and they are offered at most locations.

Workshop offerings include: Foundations of Flow, Inversions, Advanced Series and "Chaturanga-What?" 

Further information can be found here.


Specialty Workshops

Outside of our core programming, these specialty workshops are designed to expand your holistic wellbeing. Workshop schedules may vary by location.

Workshop offerings: Hot stone restorative, Reiki healing, Chakra painting, Mindful Eating & Healing Foods and more!

Further information can be found here.



Live a Fully Expressed Life

Your Life Design is for those who want to inject purpose with velocity into their life and live BIG! Take a four week journey where you will develop concrete tools to live into your highest potential. In this program, you will learn to stop compartmentalizing your life and you will breakdown the barriers that are in your way from actualizing your dreams allowing you to achieve success everywhere! This program is not intended for the faint of heart. You will be challenged to drop all of your fears and to embrace what you deserve in your life. 

Further information can be found here


Wake Up to What's Possible

Are you looking for what is next in your life? Seeking a new result? Different Bottom Line is a new concept that is driven not by profit but rather by YOU! You will spend time investigating, discovering and creating a new observation of what is possible and how to achieve it. In other words, you will identify and ignite new results through new eyes. Everything you need is within you and anything is possible!

In this program you will: Identify what blocks you from learning, Investigate your moods and how they inhibit your fullest potential, identify a personal project that moves and inspires you to be in action.  Create and develop your personal project and measurement tool(s) that will be used throughout the duration of this program.  Work in a group and collaborative environment in which you will receive real & relevant feedback. 

 Further information can be found here.


30 Days To Level Up

Power Yoga Canada founders Kinndli and Pauline have developed a new 30 Day To Level Up program that allows you to further your growth in health, soul and peace of mind. Upon signing up, you will receive daily coaching emails, weekly virtual calls and live group sessions to begin and conclude the program.

This program is based around three core focuses.

1) Be - Cultivate a new way of being with daily meditations and inspirational questions to inspire and awaken.

2) Move - Daily movements of your body cultivate strength, flexibility and a habit of listening and understanding your body.

3) Fuel - Fuel your body and shift your eating habits with daily whole
food guidelines and recipes.


More Details On Pricing Can Be Found Here


About: Since 2009, Power Yoga Canada has opened several highly successful studios which have grown and flourished into an empowering and welcoming community. Power Yoga Canada provides a wide variety of Yoga classes & workshops that are suitable for all skill sets. At the end of the day, Power Yoga Canada is the home of everything Power Yoga. 

So whether you decide to practice at Oakville or venture north to Sudbury, one thing is for sure—when you walk through the doors of a Power Yoga Canada, someone will welcome you! You can either sign up online or drop-in for any class offered.  Feel free to introduce yourself to your teacher upon arriving!  Power Yoga Canada looks forward to seeing you soon!



About: Pauline Caballero is the co-founder of Power Yoga Canada (PYC), a network of hot power yoga studios with the goal of creating a community centred around positive personal transformation. Since opening the doors to her first PYC studio in 2009, Pauline has succeeded in opening 10 different locations across Ontario. She has played a pivotal role in bringing the practice of hot power yoga to Canada, and has established PYC as a leading centre for hot power yoga classes, motivational workshops, and yoga teacher training. 

Pauline boasts an extensive career in the wellness and yoga fields. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, as well as a certified 500 hour Yoga Alliance E-RYT. In 2012, her passion for yoga lead her to travel abroad to support the growth and popularity of power yoga worldwide. This same year, she served as a board member with Africa Yoga Project— a not for profit organization that educates, empowers, elevates and expands employability with Kenyan youth using the transformational practice of yoga. Having since returned to Toronto, she now holds the position of Co-Founder & President of PYC, as well as Chief Revenue Office for Buckland Customs Brokers Ltd.

Pauline is in the process of authoring her own book, Pivot: Change is Not Coming, it’s Here— a five-week program to navigate change and thrive throughout the process (set to release Fall 2020). She is also a contributing author of Fitness to Freedom, a collection of health, wellness, and fitness stories written for women by women, to educate, inspire, and encourage readers to find their inner balance (set to release Fall 2019). 

Through PYC, Pauline leverages her vast knowledge of yoga and wellness in order to tap into the healing spirit of yoga and awaken the best in all of us. She believes that the mat is a space to breakdown and breakthrough; to venture to the edge and dare to jump; to discover what is truly possible. With the 10 year anniversary of Power Yoga Canada coming up this November, Pauline plans to continue welcoming new people into the power yoga movement, ensuring that the community remains accessible, inspiring, and transformative for all. 


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