In honor of International Women's Day, meet the successful founders behind our hero lifestyle brands from health to beauty to home/real estate and beyond...


With International Women's Day quickly approaching (March 8th), we wanted to champion some of our clients, share their stories, and highlight their achievements— in case you're working on any stories surrounding strong women in business. 

At Lucid, we are proud to boast a diverse roster of women-led businesses. Our team of thought leaders and entrepreneurs are highly skilled and extensively trained in their respective fields. Check out the lineup of strong, successful and innovative women behind Province Apothecary, Locks & ManeFlax Sleep, Momful, Heather Wilson Phillips,  Pretty in the City, and HGTV's luxury real estate expert, Stephanie Adams.


Julie Clark of Province Apothecary

After struggling with allergies and eczema all her life, Julie Clark began crafting natural, organic beauty products out of her kitchen. Despite her busy schedule as a costume designer and stylist, Julie found herself drawn to holistic skincare, using her time off to experiment with oils, waxes and herbs— all in pursuit of the perfect skin care regime. In 2010, Julie began studying Aromatherapy, Holistic Health and Esthetics in Toronto. Here she formed the foundation of her skincare expertise, experimenting with raw materials and natural ingredients.

For Julie, natural beauty goes beyond simply organic ingredients; natural beauty means a pledge to helping clients feel good in their own skin. “I gather so much inspiration from my clients, the weather, and the seasons,” says Julie, of her individually-tailored approach to skin care. Her facial treatments often include hand-blended masks using local produce and seasonally appropriate, farmer-friendly ingredients. While PA has long outgrown the kitchen, Julie’s devotion to fresh, seasonal, and organic beauty continues. Now a certified holistic esthetician and aromatherapist, Julie remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and small-batch skin care of the highest quality.

Province Apothecary is available at 175+ retailers in Canada and the US, as well as online. They have been featured internationally in print and online by POOSH, Vogue, goop, Refinery 29, CBC, and more. They have also expanded their Holistic Skincare Clinic in Toronto, offering Custom Organic Facials and Full Brow + Lash Treatments. With a highly skilled team of experts and a stunning new space, PA's clinic is a vestige of calm in the ever-hectic city. 

 Jennifer Parrot of Locks & Mane

Jennifer Parrot is the Founder and CEO of Locks & Mane, Canada's first luxury hair extension bar. With a stunning flagship salon in the heart of Toronto, as well as a complete online shop, Locks & Mane offers the safest, fastest, and most affordable extension application method in North America.

Jennifer believes in creating quality products that inspire ALL women to look and feel their best. Having started the company out of frustrations with her own experiences with extensions, Jennifer started out on a mission to deliver gorgeous and affordable hair to empower the everyday woman. The autoimmune warrior, best friend, student, mom, cancer survivor— these are the women that continue to inspire L&M's values and direction. 

Jennifer is passionate about giving back to the community. Having a son who battled and survived cancer herself, Jennifer has been actively donating a portion of L&M sales to SickKids Hospital since 2017. Through Locks & Mane, she has also implemented a program that donates human hair wigs to teenage patients losing their hair during chemotherapy treatment. She plans to expand this program throughout North America with hopes of helping not just teens, but all women suffering from treatment related hair loss.

Shannon Culver, Sarah Keast, Alexie Landry, and Janice Tsao of Lost + Found

Lost + Found is a brand new retail and social hub dedicated to the pursuit of mental wellness. The four businesswomen behind the company met through the shared experience of losing a partner at a young age. As they navigated the complicated world of young widowhood, they found support and community in each other, as well as a common desire to prioritize their mental wellbeing, even in the face of trauma and heartbreak. 

Their journeys have been marked by sorrow, joy, humour, and anger. With Lost + Found, they aim to tell the rich stories of hardship and well-being through a selection of thoughtfully curated products that promote both self-care, and the care of others. The goal isn't to strive for perfection, but to achieve a healthy balance that allows them to survive and thrive in the face of adversity. 

In addition to their retail offerings, Lost + Found offers workshops and community events promoting wellness through learning and social connection. Nurturing the heart (joy, comfort), head (mental health, knowledge), and hand (community, skill building), Lost + Found is a destination where you can find real, compassionate help to navigate all of life’s messiness.

Click here to see each founders bio.

Anna Heyd, Oana Papuac, and Vivian McCormick of Flax Sleep

Originally in the fields of law and hospitality, these three passionate businesswomen made the switch to entrepreneurship in the fall of 2017 with the founding of Flax Sleep. Anna, Oana, and Vivian came together to share their appreciation of beautiful things, ethical business practice, and fantastic sleeps. They saw a gap in the Canadian marketplace when it came to buying simple bedding online at accessible prices, and felt inspired to fill that void. 

Quality materials, high production standards, and ethical manufacturing practices were their top priorities when they set out to find a factory with which to partner. Once they identified the perfect manufacturing partner, they travelled to Shenzhen to learn about the process of turning beautiful linen into the most amazing sheets, to see the quality of the working conditions for the craftsmen and women that are responsible for production, and to establish a long term partnership with their factory. From here, Flax Sleep was Born.

In addition to offering you luxurious linen bedding, the women behind Flax Sleep believe in providing #ASafePlacetoSleep to women and children in need. That's why they donate part of their proceeds (and all returned goods) to Atira Women's Resource Society— to reduce waste, and give back to the community. 

Heather Wilson Phillips, Canada's top on-air fitness & holistic wellness expert

Heather Wilson Phillips is a Toronto-based on-air fitness and holistic wellness and fitness expert, published trainer and writer, fitness model, and owner of Fitness Empire. She is also a certified sports nutritionist, certified group fitness instructor, certified fitness and nutrition coach, personal fitness chef, and a lifestyle and weight management consultant. With an unparalleled amount of hands-on experience in health and wellness, Heather is dedicated to helping everyone— from celebs, athletes, models and business owners, to complete beginners— reach and exceed their fitness and nutrition goals. 

Heather grew up leading an extremely active lifestyle, with competitive involvement in sports such as gymnastics, dance, football, kickboxing, and her one true love, track and field. Leveraging her athletic upbringing, Heather then transitioned into a Pro Fitness Model Competitor and National Level Figure Competitor. Now, with over 15 years of experience in wellness and countless years of  athletics, and numerous health-based certifications, she is proud to be widely recognized as one of Canada's most highly-influential and sought-after fitness coaches.

Heather's approach to fitness is simple, engaging, and highly personalized. Her workout programs cater to varying levels of physical fitness, and are also tailored to accommodate different dietary requirements, including plant-based eating. By helping integrate exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life, Heather's programs go beyond physical results, helping people all over the world become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. As her career progresses, Heather's goal is to continue to create a community of people transforming their lives through the power of movement. 

Most recently, Heather has become a monthly guest guest fitness expert on CTV's Your Morning, as well as a recurring guest health & fitness expert on The Marilyn Denis Show. She has also been named as one of Canada's Top 100 Black Women to Watch, and a Top 100 Health Influencer in Canada in both 2018 and 2019. 

Whitney Poma of Momful

Whitney Poma is the owner and founder of Momful,  the ecommerce brand helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals. Whitney created Momful after struggling with breastfeeding her daughter, and discovering that most women find breastfeeding to be much more challenging than they had anticipated. Despite experiencing undue feelings of guilt, failure, and frustration, Whitney worked hard to find the right products and nutritional support she needed to continue providing breastmilk to her daughter. Now, Whitney is passionate about ensuring that women never experience the same difficulty with breastfeeding that she did. 

Through Momful, Whitney brings breastfeeding moms a simple way to to reach their breastfeeding goals. Offering a carefully curated monthly regimen of vitamins and supplements conveniently delivered to your door, Momful provides the nutritional support necessary to optimize new moms' breastmilk production, all while maintaining their own strength and stamina. With Momful, you can be certain that you are doing everything possible to keep your little one, and you, happy and healthy!

As it's Momful's mission to help every breastfeeding mom meet her goals— including those lacking the resources to help them sustain breastfeeding as long as they'd like— Momful will be donating inventory to breastfeeding moms who need it most. Head over to to learn more. 

Veronica Tran of Pretty in the City

Pretty in the City Founder, Veronica Tran, is one of the first estheticians in Toronto to train in the art of eyelash extensions in both Toronto and New York. She holds several certifications in various techniques, a diploma as a Skin Care Technician and Permanent Make-Up Technician, as well as several certificates for infection control. Attending workshops, seminars, and conferences on an annual basis, Veronica is always up to date with the newest innovations and industry standards. Her latest accomplishments include several master classes for Volume Eyelash Extensions and Microblading with well-regarded industry professionals such as Irina Levchuk, Daria Chuprys, and Branko Babic. Veronica is also one of the first in Canada to be certified with PhiBrows. 

Veronica established Pretty in the City, Toronto's most trusted lash and brow bar, in 2005. She believes that quality work takes time, and therefore, every appointment at PIC allows for individual customization, proper implementation of skilled techniques, and sanitation protocols. At Pretty in the City, Veronica ensures that customers experience unparalleled expertise and professionalism in a friendly and relaxed environment. It comes as no surprise that PIC has been named as one of the best places in Canada for microblading by Fashion Magazine online, one of the best places for microblading in Toronto by BlogTo, and one of the top salons for lash extensions in Toronto by Narcity Toronto. 

Veronica's work can be seen in many national magazines including Flare, FASHION, Elle Canada, Elevate, and Best Health. 

Stephanie Adams, luxury real-estate agent  

Stephanie Adams is a luxury real estate expert and on-air personality. Boasting over a decade of experience in the industry, Stephanie works under the umbrella of global luxury real estate with Luxury Portfolio International. As her most recent project, Stephanie has undertaken a role as a host on HGTV's newest series, Hot Marketwhich follows top real estate agents as they navigate the high stakes world of one of Canada's most competitive housing markets. Check out Stephanie's Hot Market introduction here

Stephanie has had a passion for real estate for as long as she can remember. By the age of twelve, she had a huge stack of house plan magazines that she studied inside and out. Stephanie would ride her bike from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, admiring beautiful homes and frequenting open houses. Despite attending University for a business degree, her love for home design never faded, and she was eventually able to parlay her love for both people and home decor into a successful career in real estate. Starting out selling everything from shacks to mansions, Stephanie's clients quickly discovered her knack for selling extravagant properties in short periods of time, kicking her real estate career into high gear. Now working mostly in the Toronto, Muskoka, and King areas, one thing stays true— Stephanie works just as hard selling a swamp as she does a luxury waterfront estate. 

While Stephanie will continue to work with Luxury Portfolio International, marketing luxury properties on a global scale, she is excited to kickstart her career as an on-air personality and entertainer with HGTV. To see Stephanie's fiery personality and unshakable determination in action, tune into Hot Market on HGTV Tuesday's at 11:00pm, or watch full episodes here

Stephanie is very active in her community, and is always looking for ways to give back. Currently, Stephanie supports charities including including Gilda's Club, the MacLaren Art Centre, and various women and children's centres. 

For interviews requests with any of these thought leaders,  or any related media inquiries for either brand, please contact: Michelle Calvert, 416.640.5675, 323.348.6412 or email


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