Wrap yourself up in the luxe, light-weight and flattering robe from All You Are - the perfect uniform for a relaxed holiday season.

If you can’t be naked around your house, a robe is the next best thing. It's time to acknowledge that no robe exists in the market today that is feminine, flattering and still fully functional. Either it's a factor of clinginess, slinkiness, or bulkiness -- there's always something in the way making robes a less practical loungewear item for reality. All You Are is here to change that. Designed for life, the collection of robes is inspired by women who wake up every morning and give the absolute best of themselves all day. Founder, Kena Paranjape, set out to design the robe she wanted -- one that was chic after a shower or over your PJs but still worked with and enhanced your life. She's talking slim sleeves, a built-in belt, and a fabric that is comfortable enough yet never clingy. The All You Are robe was designed for flipping pancakes, opening the front door, and spending a lazy Sunday in. 

With an All You Are robe, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style. They are the gift every lady has been searching (and subconsciously praying) for for what feels like eons. Moms, grandmothers, daughters, and friends alike will bask in the glory of specially-designed and fully functional robes made for all of life's activities. It is hard to come by a woman who doesn't enjoy a soft, plush hotel robe. Bring that feeling of comfort and contentment to any home with the gift of an All You Are robe. As much as this brand is built around a thoughtfully designed robe, it’s roots lie in the idea that we make the world better by caring for ourselves -- allowing us to give our very best. Self-care shouldn't be on anyone's to-do list's. Reinforce the importance of living well with a gift that shows how necessary it is to make your personal needs a priority.

With cooler weather comes the urge to wrap up and stay cozy. Even though All You Are robes are suitable in all climates, there is nothing quite as satisfying as staying warm and comfortable in a top quality robe while the weather outside is frigid. You won't be shivering this holiday season, as All You Are's 100% French Terry Cloth robe will keep you comfortable, snug and relaxed. Whether it's having a morning coffee or a night in with a good book, All You Are is here to support you (and pair well with whichever activity you choose) every step of the way!


The Robe - $125

A built-in belt defines your waist and never gets lost.

Slim, three-quarter length sleeves won’t get in your way.

Deep pockets are functional without the added bulk.

100% cotton French Terry (sweatshirt material!) is absorbent and cozy but not clingy.

And a secret message under the cuff (your possibilities are endless) is a reminder of All You Are.

Fits true to size. 





About: All You Are is a collection of fully-functional yet feminine and flattering robes made for the modern day woman. Designed to create a solution to the current market of bulk, unflattering, or clingy robes; Paranjape set out to design he robe she wanted -- one that looked chic after a shower of over her PJs but still worked with and enhanced your life. We're talking slim sleeves, a built-in belt, and a fabric that was cozy and comfortable, yet never clingy. The All You Are robe was designed for flipping pancakes, playing with kiddies, opening the front door, and spending a lazy Sunday in. This robe was designed for you.

In addition to founding All You Are, Kena is the co-founder of BRIKA, an innovative retail concept focused on highlighting and supporting emerging artisans and designers. Kena has 15+ years of experience in retail including creating and managing retail merchandising strategies for Indigo, Joe Fresh and Gap as well as a high-end eco-friendly concept. She currently sits on the advisory board of the David Sobey Center for Innovation in Retailing and Services.

Visibility: AYA Robes have been featured in Best Health, Elle Canada, DINE, and the Kena was recently featured on The Marilyn Dennis show has been recently featured on Marilyn Dennis Show sharing her story on International Women's Day.

Kena has been described as a wise and courageous challenger who inspires through her compelling personal stories and warm, nourishing style. You can reach her via email at kena@allyouare.ca.



For editorial pulls, high-resolution shots, product samples, interviews, or any related media inquiries for All You Are, please contact: Michelle Calvert, 416.640.5675, 323.348.6412 or email


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