Windfall Cider launches Sweater Weather, the perfect cold-weather cider, just in time for the holiday season!

During the Holiday season, nothing feels better than to cozy up by the fire with a delicious and satisfying drink. That’s why Windfall Cider, the new BC-based urban cidery, has created Sweater Weather: the perfect cold-weather beverage. With notes of caramel and vanilla, Sweater Weather proves that cider isn’t just a summer drink— it’s a year-round staple.

At Windfall Cider, local farmers and communities are the main priority. They work closely with BC suppliers to find the very best apples that the province has to offer, and only use fruits and botanicals native to the Pacific Northwest. Playing with yeast strains, wild ferments, and barrel aging, Windfall explores as many traditional techniques and interesting flavours as possible.  With food security becoming glaringly important during this pandemic, Windfall is proud to be paving the way in sustainable and local food sourcing. 

Delicious and sustainably made, Windfall ciders are the drink of the holiday season. Windfall's bright and playful ciders can be shopped online and shipped across BC, and delivered to your doorstep if you're based in Vancouver. Here is a list of select restaurants and private liquor stores that carry the line.


Cider has never been more perfect for the Holidays. Cozy up by the fire with notes of caramel and vanilla with Windfall's Sweater Weather. Created from beautiful and delectable BC apples, this cider is finely aged in Woodenville Rye Barrels to give it the most amazing medium bodied flavour. This cheerful drink is the perfect gift for your cider-loving friends for the Holidays. Purchase online for shipping across BC, or get it delivered to your doorstep if you're based in Vancouver. Want to go for a drive or a walk to break your quarantine blues? Pick up at the Windfall Cider tasting room is contactless. Here is a list of select restaurants and private liquor stores that carry Windfall cider.




AboutWindfall Cider is Canada's urban cidery based in Vancouver, BC. Windfall believes in making your own luck, and they are here to turn the world of cider on its head. They find the best BC apples, the purest juice, and experiment with old-world techniques to create a one-of-a-kind cider like you’ve probably never tasted before. Like a little sip of good fortune in every can.

Windfall works closely with community farmers to find the very best produce that their province has to offer, all the while ensuring that local suppliers are properly compensated. They experiment with as many traditional methods and interesting flavours as possible, playing with yeast strains, wild ferments and barrel aging. Windfall stays true to their local roots, using only fruits and botanicals native to the Pacific Northwest. The result is a diverse roster of crisp, distinct, and playful ciders that you'll want to drink year-round. 

Windfall's founders, Jeff and Nathaly Nairn, fell in love with Spanish cider on a trip to Mexico City. After exploring with cider-making as a hobby for several years, they took the plunge and established  their very own cidery, Windfall Cider. In an industry overrun with very sweet and generic ciders, they set out to create crisp, refreshing and unique blends. After learning what they could from old-world methods passed down by generations of cider makers, Jeff and Nathaly experimented until their cider was just right— and entirely different than anything else in Canada.

Windfall's bright and playful ciders can be shopped online and shipped to BC residents, or delivered across Vancouver,  or purchased at select restaurants and private liquor stores. 



For more information on Windfall Cider, high resolution images, sample requests or interviews with Jeff and Nathaly please contact:, or call 323.348.6412


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